Prince Harry’s <3 Of Gold


Prince Harry continued his trip of goodwill this weekend in the African kingdom of Lesotho in order to spend time with sexually and physically abused children in order to highlight the horror that has and continues to happen in one of Africa’s poorest countries. Here are a few photos of Harry spending quality playtime with some of the children at the Lesotho Child Counselling Unit this weekend:

The young royal travelled to Lesotho to meet mistreated youngsters who represent the “tip of the iceberg” in a country struggling to address the problem of sexual and physical attacks on children. Harry visited the new headquarters of a home for abused children which will become a national referral centre for their assessment and treatment. While touring the facility, the 23-year-old Prince disclosed his fears for one sexually abused child he has pledged to help throughout her life, who has been returned to her grandmother after being cared for by the unit. Harry, an officer in the Household Cavalry Regiment, said: “Liketso, as you know, was the 10-month-old baby that was raped. He said: “It was a bit upsetting to see her go back to her family, but at the end of the day that’s the best thing for her” … Standing inside the centre built in the village of Ha Takalimane in northern Lesotho, Harry said with pride: “As you can see, it’s a fantastic building, especially compared to what they were last in. We’re all very happy and it’s got a fantastic board as well to make sure this place runs well. The vulnerable kids of Lesotho who need the help, need the shelter, will always be welcome here.”

Again, I have to stress how admirable I think Prince Harry’s efforts are and continue to be as he carries forth his commitment offering aid where needed. I am happy to post these sorts of photos and do my best to help bring attention to his efforts, in order to help spread the word of his work. Like his mother before him, Prince Harry has made his charity work an integral part of his everyday life. He has deffo grown into a man that is to be admired.