Gimme More Maddie Briann


Here are a few outtake photos of Maddie Briann Spears-Aldridge with her parents Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge that were taken by OK! magazine but were not featured in the mag:

Now, these pics are cute as hell … Maddie Briann is an absolute doll. She may have looked a bit … off … in one of the published magazine photos but she looks absolutely precious in these pics. After the jump, check out a more close-up look at Maddie Briann in her little pink baby seat …

She’s a doll!!! So cute. I must say, tho, that Jamie Lynn looks so young in these pics … it’s still a bit hard to believe that she’s already a mother. HMMM. Even still … she’s got herself a cute little young’n.

[Photo credit: OK! Magazine]

  • Jennifer

    Those are so much better. Why the heck didn’t OK use this ones?

  • Nicole

    because if OK used the good ones….how would people be able to talk crap?

  • PixieBassline

    Man, Casey just needs to totally shave his head.

  • julie

    Bless your heart, Trent – so nice of you to call that baby cute. I just don’t see it… I do think JL is much prettier than her unfortunate, wrestler-necked sister, though.

  • carma

    The first two photos are beautiful. The last photo where they’re in the kitchen really makes me laugh. The entire set up looks SO fake, and as if they’re trying too hard to make the situation seem happy go lucky, without success.

    As for the baby looking less than cute, maybe they should have given it another week or so before having the photoshoot. Babies usually take a while before they get cute. This one looks like she’s still having trouble keeping her eyes open.

  • javajunkie

    wow, the world has become so screwed up…now they are glamorizing and promoting teen pregnancy??? this is totally the wrong message that the media is promoting! Kids are going to see this and see that its normal and a good thing, if she didn’t have millions of dollars to pay for taking care of her kid i bet she wouldn’t be smiling so much.

  • Heather

    Whoa! That baby should NOT be on the counter. WTF were they thinking?

  • Amy

    how old are they? i thought they’d be living in relative’s basement somewhere. good luck sweeties.

  • radiOhead

    now THESE are cute. that was really uncool of OK to use the least flattering picture. typical i suppose!

  • Angel

    Cute pictures or not. I don’t think anyone should be celebrating this. She is a teenager who got pregnant. She and the people supporting her by showing her all happy and blissful are sending a really bad message to teens out there. Taking care of a kid isn’t easy. She has money and lot’s of helpers. She’ll have body guards, and a nanny. She’s lucky as hell. Not so for the majority of American Teens out there some of whom will think it is ok to have a child because she did and she and Casey Aldrdge are going to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after with their cute baby and play house. It perpetuates a fantasy that lots of teenagers, mostly girls, have. It’s unrelaistic, and really irresponsible. No, she should be portrayed as a loser, because that is what she is.

  • Tiffany

    ahhhhhhhh that a very cute baby but i still think jamie should have been careful cause she’s too young to be a mother, and she is not ready for that kind of responsibility plus she don’t know what she’s doing.

  • tiffany

    Also jamie was irresposible if she knew she wanted to have sex she should atleast have worn a condom. come on she young and stupid she is setting a bad example for teens especailly the one’s who watch her show zoey 101 they shouldnt let her have the show again.

  • vic

    That’s why she got pregnant. Because SHE didn’t wear a condom…

    Look, we don’t know if HE wore one or not. Condoms break all the time.

  • I had no idea women could wear condoms Tiffany. Perhaps that’s how the pregnancy occurred. Jamie Lynn had no idea where the condom was *supposed* to go.
    I agree with all saying that it’s glamourising teen pregnancy, because it really is. Not everyone has a famous older sister with millions of dollars and a head straight out of Tussauds… seriously what is with the thick layer of foundation?

    I know the last photo is MEANT to be fake and posed, but it’s more fake than ever. Taking care of a newborn isn’t such a breeze that you can stash it on the counter while getting out muffins and making coffee… I should think it’s completely different, especially when it’s crying.

  • Me

    I agree, I’m not seeing a “cuter” version of Maddie. I think they should have waited a few weeks. How old was Shiloh when they did her pic? she WAS awfully cute as a newborn.

  • Amy

    Actually, at that age, newborns sleep a lot and you really can kind of set them places (although the manufacturer of that bouncy seat will tell you NOT on a countertop) and kind of get stuff done. In the evening and all night long, not so much, but during parts of the day, yeah, that’s how it seems to work.

    In a few months though, it’ll be all baby, all the time, with no breaks for coffee. And that’ll go on for a damn long time, although not for these two since they’ll have nannies and what not.

    I can’t get over the fact that they are teens living alone. How is Jamie Lynn even old enough to live without a parent’s supervision (let alone while raising a baby)?

    I disagree about Jamie Lynn being cuter than her sister. When I see her I always think she’s a poor man’s Britney.

  • Till think it looks like Jade Goody. Or maybe it’s that all babies look like Jade Goody. She does kind resemble a fat toddler.

  • julie

    actually there are female condoms, but they’re even less effective than male, so maybe that’s the story behind maddie briannnnnnn. or however you spell it. (gotta love white trash names.)

  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    There seems to be this idea that its the media who raises people’s children…Where are the parents? They should be the ones setting a good example and explaining what birth control is and why its not a good idea to have babies at that age. Kids will be kids and like all humans will make mistakes. If you let the tv raise your kids your going to pay for it. Stop blaming the media for the glamorization. If there wasn’t a market of people out there interested in JL then these pictures would of never happened.

    I will say though that Maddie looks slightly cuter in these pictures but agree that they should of waited a couple weeks…

  • She looks like she’s wearing a wig.

  • she is so cute and i love her so all of u people that say she is dumb for havin a baby forget all yall and her babie is so beautiful

  • Dana

    two things: 1. why in god’s name is the baby’s seat on the freaking counter?! anything can spill or fly and hit the child let alone if something happens and that things moves backwards… whatever, she’s a spears so what’t the meaning of SAFETY to them?

    and 2. oh yeah they should have waited on taking those pics. the baby is WAYYY too young to be photographed and apparently the photographers don’t know how to even make these guys look intelligent. I’m sorry but the pics look like they should be on a poster with the caption being “is this how you want your senior picture to look? are you ready for a baby?” my god, this whole thing is just wrong. Trent it’s not your fault, but I blame the media for the interviews and magazines for glamorizing this. and I blame her for being all in the mags posing and grinning like it’s so awesome to be a mom at 16.

    geez, that family drives me up the wall.

  • Joanne

    OK Mag clearly does not have a clue! Why on earth did they not feature these pictures. The others just looked all wrong …… oh – and I wish only good things for this baby as she had no control over who her parent’s are or the circumstances of how she came into this world. GOOD POSITIVE VIBES FOR MADDIE!

  • Dana

    @ sarahliciousisdelicious

    I agree with you but there is a issue: the media can take a stand and stop being so stupid and offering all this money and be reputable by only featuring celebs who aren’t blatantly whoring themselves to the media 24/7 by not featuring them. the niche is there I know but they can turn the tide. The AP for one week decided not to run any stories on Paris hilton.. NOTHING on her, good or bad (this was about a year ago I think). the reviews were better than ever, and they toned it down a lot afterwards. the era of celeb worship can die down at least if a few outlets stop “whoring” themselves to celebs and focus on those who are doing well and live a normal life.

    like THAT’S ever gonna happen.

  • alejay

    do me a favour, pick some local high schools with unwed teenage mothers in them, arrange for their baby photos, and coo and swoon over their babies. im *sure* it would paint the same picture as jamie-lynn’s picture of bliss right? no? thought so.

  • Laura

    Come on Jamie Lynn! A day sooner and Maddie and I would have shared a birthday!

  • Jake

    These are far cuter

  • MDD

    Three cheers for teen pregnancy!!

  • Laura

    OK! magazine people are bastards. They clearly chose the pics in which the baby looks stupid and the parents look even worse than in real life on purpose.
    I’m nowhere near a fan of these people, but I think that was just wrong.
    As for the message these pictures are sending… it takes a very dumb teenager to think that because JL is smiling in the pics and her family cans upport her, then it would be a good idea to get pregnant at 16. If anyone is that stupid, then there’s very little you can do for them. Besides, what did you think they would show? JL rocking the baby while watching tv in shorts and a tank top in her in-laws garage, while her boyfriend works at the 7/11?

  • Amanda

    Leave that poor baby alone!!!

  • Amanda

    Btw, it is perfectly fine at Maddie’s age to have the baby seat on the counter. When they are older it could get to be a problem but I did that with my daughter until she was 8 months old because she was so quiet and sweet.
    And guess what, if children are getting the wrong idea about their own family morales then their FAMILIES should be teaching them the right thing! Not blaming Jamie Lynn for showing one bad example, it is up for a parent to instill their own morales into their children, if they do it right, then those morales will stick around. So seriously, quit blaming JL. You are all absolutely rediculous.

  • Michele

    I actually saw all of these in the OK magazine I just picked up this weekend. I don’t think any of the pictures were truly flattering for the trio.

  • Amanda

    I absolutely LOVE the second pic btw. The bond between a mother and a daughter is the sweetest thing there is. No matter how old you are. :)

  • KatE!

    Ok, some of you guys are being so negative, times passed and its stupid to still be talking about back then and if or whatever she got pregnant at an early age like so many other young girls. The only differance is that its her life and she chose to have the baby, she made money from her hit show so she is able to support the baby. Jamie Lynn has support and she is being responsible thus far in doing whats right for her. Everyone else is the nosy outsider trying to poke their nose in a situation that doesn’t include them. Stop being so negative and just hope the girl continues to do well and hope for happiness instead of looking down and brown nosing her.

    Overall if you want to have babys just because you see teen stars doing it, than you are obviously not mature enough to even be having sex. PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO STOP BLAMING THEIR STUPIDITY ON OTHER PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY CELEBRITYS!! In the end you should learn from their mistakes since its always put out there in the open.

  • Suzanne

    sad sad sad…casey just looks like he doesnt want to be there…he looks scared and unsure…sad sad sad…no babies should be brought into a unstable household…there is so much life changing going on just by having a child…no need to bring it into uncertanty…Jamie lynn is fooling her herself…poor girl…mark my words….

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  • Jill

    Sorry, you are being kind, still “not so cute”.

  • Melinda

    These are much better pictures…….wonder why they chose the other ones to publish? Are they secretly taking a jab at them by choosing the fugliest ones? As for teens/pregnancy, I am still of the opinion that this is not an event that needs massive media coverage that shows how amazing and wonderful it is. KatE said: “Overall if you want to have babys just because you see teen stars doing it, than you are obviously not mature enough to even be having sex. PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO STOP BLAMING THEIR STUPIDITY ON OTHER PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY CELEBRITYS!! In the end you should learn from their mistakes since its always put out there in the open.” Well, KatE……most of the people who might go out and do this are teens and teens don’t always make good decisions based upon simply that they are not yet able to make great decisions sometimes because of their not-yet-mature developmental processes. So………come on…….what people are saying is that by glorifying this……..TEENS might make some bad decisions that could be influenced by idols like Jamielynn.

  • Erin

    These pictures are glamourizing teenage pregnancy. Shame on OK! for doing this.

  • Sandra

    seriously what’s with all these condom nonsense?
    the baby is already here
    stop debating whether she should have used condoms
    and to those kids trying to have sex at a young age?

  • jenn

    does anyone think about how many prego teens are out there already? it’s not like jamie lynn is starting a pregnacy trend… any highschool in America has teenage parents – why do you think that schools offer classes for it? i don’t think that she should be penalized for taking responsibility for their mistakes, she could of had an abortion… that would get everybody talking..

  • Laura

    Look, I started having sex when I was 20 (I know, late bloomer) but I think people should have sex whenever they feel like it. It’s not about not having sex… it’s about doing it responsibly and taking the pill AND wearing a friggin’ condom. And I highly doubt that any teenager who got pregnant was actually planning on it.

  • Meghan

    it may be sad i know this, but i love seeing the Wal- mart sugar. haha.

    they couldnt get pics with her eyes open?!

  • Emily

    maddie briann is one of the most white trash names ive ever heard, and this story completely takes the issue of teen pregnancy and makes it look like a fun thing to do with your boyfriend. this sends the wrong mesage to teens, and esp the tweenyboppers who watch her stupid show.

  • Jenn

    Maybe if the US gov’t would allow sexual education in schools where these kids would be taught about birth control and the likes instead of just abstinence there would be a lot less teen pregnancies???? That said, these pics are much better than the others!

  • Sydney

    Pssst… maybe the baby is on the counter because it was a PHOTO SHOOT? As opposed to being the preparation of a meal (now, THAT, I’d pay to see – those 2 preparing a meal, yeah right) or any normal activity. Photo shoot, people. Like Posh sitting in a giant shoe, etc. And again… Trent, shame on you for helping glamorize teen pregnancy, you should really be staying away from these stupid photos, and all celeb baby pix.

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  • kittehlovesyou

    The first one looks like its from some weird soft core porn flick xD

  • That baby is ugly! All babies are ugly, until they get pubic hair!

  • Trixie

    I think the pictures are cute and they have every right to be happy. I’m tired of all the “teen mom” haters out there. And the “It sends the wrong message” crap. Seriously…….how many of your mothers’ were teens when you were born. I had my daughter when I was 16 and I didn’t have any money in the bank. We were and still are very happy.

  • Who Cares???

    Is it really safe for baby Maddie to be on the edge of that couner top? Poor baby, it seems like she’ll be raising her parents instead of the other way around. OK magazine should be ashamed for promoting teen pregnancy as if it’s so easy and glamourous. Not every 16 year old can afford a house like the one Jaime and Casey live in.

  • Shannon

    Ok maybe she got pregnant at 16, but people make mistakes, and I’m sure she is trying to do her best, but its hard to do the best and please the public at the same time. People are always trying to make stars look bad. Just leave her alone, and worry about yourself, she will most likely make a better mother then most of you people ever will! They look so happy, and they are so cute!

  • Angel

    Look, anybody who says we should go easy on the girl, and teens aren’t stupid, they can think for themselves. You know what? How uneducated and backwards are you? When was the last time we put a smiling teenager on the cover of a magazine with her baby like it was all good? Teenagers are freakin’ idiots. They WILL see a cute little baby and think “Oh I want one with my awsome boyfriend”. Yes. They. Will. As far as I’m concerned that girl is an idiot and so’s her mother. OK magazine was just trying to sell magazines and they explointed her. Everyone involved here has been very irrspponsible. Have any of you ever heard the term, “To those which much has been given, much is expected?” Sorry, but Honey bunch and her Mother have a responability to all the Disney kids out there to act responsibly and that includes not not getting knocked up as a teenager out of wedlock (Jamie), and not pimping your daughter and grand baby out to the highest bidder once it happens (Momma Spears). I care because I don’t want my kids, or my 15 year old sister looking at this crap and thinking it’s ok. It’s not ok. Any of you who think it is, I can only assume you’re a teenage Mom or the product of one and you live in a trailer. And if you don’t live in a trailer, you probably should.

    I hope that was sufficiently harsh.

  • myke

    Little teens around the world now see how fun and great it is to have a child. GOOD JOB! I understand people screw up, that’s fine. But to to turn around and make it seem like this awesome thing, which it may be… but to play it out like it’s all fun and games given JLS stature has got to be the dumbest thing ever. I hate the media. And I hate the Spears family for being so stupid.

  • Laynie

    Jamie is wayyy cuter than brit.

  • Aly


  • Lonnie

    DAMN does the dad have bad hair!!!

  • Leon


    I’m 17 and i can honestly say (believe it or not) that the fact that Jamie-Lynn seems to be loving motherhood in no way makes me or my friends want to run out and get pregnant. I don’t know what kind of trailer trash you’ve raised, but you need to get your head out your ass and realize that the only teenage girls stupid enough to get pregnant because “Jamie-Lynn made it sound like a good idea” are the same ones stupid enough to get themselves pregnant WITHOUT the influence of a celebrity, just out of sheer ignorance, which is not the fault of any magazine, celebrity, or industry. If you’re afraid your children will be so brainwashed, maybe you could, you know, try to be a parent and teach them to think for themselves, no?? Although i don’t suppose they could be capable of that if they are teenagers, right??

    For anyone who’s criticising this poor baby (what’s so wrong with maddie brainn?) and her mother, who’s only crime is that of MANY teenagers (and nothing new), leave them alone!! it’s none of your business, and if people like you didn’t eat this bs up, they wouldn’t be on that cover in the first place! mind your own family and your own business!

  • Sex education and pregnancy aside, why isn’t he in jail? I mean,seriously, bang any other underage girl in the country and he’d be a registered sex offender right now. Don’t get me wrong, I like America just fine but the double standards are really getting irritating.

  • Kara

    I would not be anymore pleased if he was in jail, what would that teach teenage girls? That they can have sex (illegally) with full knowledge of what they’re doing and then blame it on their boyfriends when it doesn’t work out the way they hoped? Talk about double standards.

  • Jenna

    That picture with them in the kitchen is so posed and fake it’s ridiculous. I’m sure that’s what they do every morning…
    But anyways she’s sooo sweet! And btw when babies are that small you really can just set them down places in their little seats and go about chores and stuff. Newborns are pretty stationary; they can’t do much so it’s not like they’re going to wriggle out of their chairs and off the counter or whatever.

  • Katelyn

    Awwww.. She looks so cute

  • Katelyn

    shes so cute