Did Katherine Heigl Shoot Herself In The Foot With Her Mouth?


Katherine Heigl, who infamously took herself out of Emmy Award consideration this year, may have also taken herself out of future employment on her hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy. After proclaiming to the world that she didn’t believe she was worthy of an Emmy Award because of the poor material she was asked to work with on her show, it is being reported that her Grey’s boss Shonda Rhimes may be ready to get rid of Katherine’s charcter, Izzie Stevens, on the show. E!‘s Marc Malkin has got all the deets:

Is Katherine Heigl dead to the producers of Grey’s Anatomy? Maybe. Latest buzz hissing from the set of the ABC hit is that creator Shonda Rhimes may be entertaining the idea of killing off Heigl’s Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens because of the now infamous remarks Heigl made about the upcoming Emmys. Lest you forget, Heigl took herself out of the running for this year’s Emmy race because she felt the writers failed to give her enough good material to work with last season. “It’s not good there,” a source tells me of the Grey’s Anatomy set. “Shonda is pissed. They’re thinking of killing her off. They want Izzie dead.” While a dead Izzie may never happen, it would be an ironic twist, because industry insiders have long speculated that Heigl wants to ditch the show.

LOL! This so reminds me of the Friends ep where Joey gave an interview to Soap Opera Digest telling the mag that he wrote his own lines on Days of our Lives and then the angry Days writers killed off his character by throwing him down an empty elevator shaft. Do they have elevators on the set of Grey’s Anatomy? Cuz … if so, Izzie may eventually end up at the bottom of one of them very soon.


  • JamesDerry’l

    I love Katherine.

  • debho

    I don’t understand why these actors don’t just shut up and do their jobs. How many of them have been nominated and or won awards for their work, only to now be on the unemployment wagon? No one wants to work with a difficult actor.
    Katherine who? Hmmm.

  • Not only do they have elevators in Grey’s, but the elevator is a major part of the hospital. It’s where all the characters are forced to talk to each other because you can’t avoid them in the elevator! So funny if that’s how she dies…

  • pooneck

    eh, she is better than that anyway. grey’s anatomy has become so boring and predictable. i stopped watching it last season and watched the last episode. it was not only boring, but it is sad when you can figure out the entire season from just the last episode. my husband calls meredith mcdouchebag because she has become such a whiner and ruined what used to be a good show. move on, and do more inspiring work before the show flatlines! heigl is on the right track to keeping her career hot and moving.

  • katt

    i’m not a fan of katherine. she’s kinda full of herself. love the idea of falling in the elevator shaft, too funny!

  • javajunkie

    they are not going to axe her, she is probably the most lovable character on that show and she is a key part of the show. But if they did get rid of her, i don’t think she has to worry about work, she’s a talented actress and has already had success off the show…. i don’t blame her though, last season of Grey’s sucked balls big time! hopefully the writers have learnt how to write an actual interesting story next season. all the shows last year sucked! not just Greys.

  • Kait

    Honestly, I think this is being blown out of proportion. There have been numerous actors who have taken their name out of the running for an Emmy.

    I think she was right to take her name out. She didn’t have that great material this year. That’s the truth. If people are getting pissed and want to write her off the show because of that…then they are just going to screw themselves over.

    She is one of the most lovable characters on the show. Many people seem to enjoy her character. I know I do.

    It’s bad enough they took out two great characters – Burke and Addison. I understand Burke’s leaving the show – it was the right move considering what happened with Isaiah Washington and other cast members. However, Addison was another great character and losing her on the show has left a big hole in it that still has not been filled even with the new characters that came in this season.

    So, if they take Izzie out, I think the show will have royally screwed itself.

  • falltothesky1

    that ep of Friends was fantastic, and so appropriate in katherine’s case (: it makes me so sad that this might happen to izzie, though, she’s my favorite on the show!

    katherine heigl is amazing, i think she’s just run into some bad press…

  • Kelly

    I’ve said it once, I’ll say it twice, don’t bite the hand that feeds you! It was a huge mistake for her to say anything about the show. But if they do kill her off, I hope it’s a great death.

  • JeniLee

    love the “Friends” reference…EXCELLENT. That episode is hilarious. Especially Monica and Rachel’s fight over the last condom.

  • brooklyn lew

    in related news: who gives a fuck?

  • kerri

    Obviously she doesnt want to recieve an award for a performance that was not her best. She’s just saying she can do better, else where. And if thats what it takes for the poor girl to get off that show and continue her movie career, so be it :)

  • Sandra

    oh you know what? ms heigl is more like ms-i’m-so-popular-everyone-is-gonna-hire-me-anyway
    i don’t like her

  • D

    I think to blame the writers after them giving her time off to do the movies without completely writing her off is stupid.

    A better way she could’ve gotten herself out of the nomination would be to say something along the lines of ‘I don’t feel that I deserve to be nominated because I wasn’t able to put in enough time and effort since I was also working on the movies and that’s why I want to take my name off the nomination list’

    Having said that, maybe she knows what she’s doing..maybe she’s doing it on purpose. She might want to be off the show but can’t get out because of the contract. And this would be a way to complain and get publicity and blame others for her mediocre performance.

  • June

    She’s a bitch. She wouldn’t even be a name in hollywood if it weren’t for grey’s anatomy. way to shoot yourself in the foot. she’s not even that great. shes a little obnoxious.

  • Jessica

    She is a little obnoxious…but let’s be honest. This season, Grey’s didn’t meet the standards it set for itself in previous seasons. She was just saying what everyone else was thinking.

  • lauar

    Well… what goes around comes around… she blew out of proportions the whole Isaiah Washington thing and now it`s happening to her. I really like the show, but honestly, it HAS been quite a bore since Burke and Addison left the show, and since SHE has been out working on other things everyone has kinda slowed down in GA. I really hope the show moves on and creates better stories next season, they really need it. They should dump Lexie too… she`s nerve recking… the whole innocent wide eyed girl thing is annoying. Looks like this is GA last season… shame tho… it was quite good.

  • SeanJay

    No Lauar Isaiah got exactly what he deserved!! Kathrine is getting what she wants. I think she set this up from the start. She wants to get canned!!

  • klate

    I have to agree with D. She wasn’t happy with what she was given and didn’t want to be considered for an emmy? Fine, but have some class and don’t slap in the face the writers who had to jump through hoops to accommodate your movie filming schedule. I think she’s gotten arrogant. Karma’s a bitch. If I were Shonda I’d not bump her off but instead I’d give her the worlds crappiest storyline. Like Have her be in a season-long coma without a single line but somehow a major plotpoint so she has to film every single episode just lying there.

  • txgal

    I never watched the show. I saw her in Knocked Up. Hilarious! Also, Katherine has some balls! Refusing an Emmy? Who in that industry has the guts enough to say the material stinks and is not up to par? Who? Not many I tell ya! You Go, Katherine!! No, that is not arrogance! That’s someone who knows who she is and doesn’t want to cheat her fans with some bullshit work! My kind of gal!!

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