Michael Jackson Surfaces In Las Vegas


There have been rumors going around that Michael Jackson relocated his family to Las Vegas, NV in the hopes of staging a huge comeback with his very own Vegas show (a la CĂ©line Dion at Caesar’s Palace) but thus far there has been no movement and not a single sign that this Vegas show thing is ever going to happen … especially notsomuch after new photos of the so-called King of Pop have surfaced of the man, covered head to toe, was seen being wheeled around in a wheelchair to and from a Barnes and Noble bookstore (with his three kids in tow) in LV recently:

Pictured on a visit to a toy and book shop near his current home in Las Vegas, the singer was slumped in a wheelchair wearing pyjamas, a dreadlocked wig, a surgeon’s mask, a baseball cap and sunglasses. Such theatre was presumably designed to prevent shoppers from discovering his true identity. The irony is of course that Jackson is now better known for wearing such ludicrous disguises than not. Indeed he would have stood a much better chance of not being noticed had he strode into the shop without any disguise – and had not pulled up in four cars filled with his eight-strong security team. It remained unclear last night whether Jackson, who is most famous for his footwork and in particular his moonwalk, actually needs the wheelchair to get around or whether he was just using it as a prop … He has been spotted both with and without the chair in recent weeks. He has battled numerous health problems over the years, having being diagnosed with lupus and vitiligo and the amount of surgery he has had has rendered him unrecognizable from his former self … The last time he was in the chair was to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship in Las Vegas in May at the MGM Grand hotel. On that occasion, he also draped a coat around his face to try to disguise himself. But as always, the peculiar appearance only drew more attention to himself. On this occasion, Jackson arrived with his three children, who were unusually unmasked, and headed straight for the children’s book section, where he remained alone for some time. An eyewitness said: “They arrived at the Barnes and Nobel shop in Las Vegas on Monday afternoon. First Michael was in the childrens’ section on his own in the wheelchair reading books. The three children were at another table with the bodyguards. He was in the children’s section for about half an hour. He then went to the music section and was sitting in the chair looking through various books. But this time the children were in the children’s section. Then he pushed himself around in the wheelchair for a while and ended up in the magazine section. He was in the shop for about two hours in total. There was no special treatment. The shop was not closed to the public at any point. There were quite a few members of the public in the shop who knew he was there but no one approached him. To be honest, he looked a bit weird wheeling himself around covered up in a surgeon’s mask and that is probably what freaked people out to not want to approach him. When they left the shop, the children came out first and he was wheeled out behind them. He never left the wheelchair at any point in the shop.” A Jackson family friend indicated last night that the wheelchair was indeed needed for a recurring back problem that Jackson has had ever since his performing days. “He has a problem with his back which surfaces from time to time,” the friend said. Jackson is currently living in Las Vegas trying to land a residency at one of the big venues in the city to clear massive debts he has accrued.

This man’s entire life is just so strange, so utterly bizarre. I am not at all surprised that no one tried to approach him … I mean, what does one even have to say to Michael Jackson anymore? I like your face mask? It is such a shame that he and Madonna are practically the same age — she is about to embark on her most recent world tour, full of entertaining pomp and circumstance and he has been reduced to being pushed around in wheelchairs at local bookstores. I contend that this “Vegas comeback” will never come to fruition. The insurance alone to cover any sort of crazed carnival that he might want to bring to the stage would be enough to turn off investors (oh, but can you just imagine what a Jackson Vegas Show might look like?). The man appears to have lost all connection with rationality, it’s really very sad. After the jump, check out a photo of Jackson’s three children — Prince Michael Jackson, Paris Michael Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson, II (better known to the world as Blanket) …

It’s bad enough that Jacko lives this bizarre existence but to impose such a lifestyle on his kids adds even more tragedy to the scenario. I cannot even imagine what life must be like for these kids. The poor dears always look as if they get their clothes from a thrift store, they never match and I understand they only have each other to play with. I guess they look healthy enough and I’m sure that Jackson loves his kids in his own way but … I dunno, I just fear that these kids are going to have a lot to say when they grow up — if they grow up. After all, Michael Jackson is practically 50 years old and he doesn’t seem to have started growing up yet. What a strange, strange family.

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Gasp…Halloween isn’t for a few more months!! AHHHH he is a creepy man/woman! For the love of god Trent, never again!!!

  • CkayM

    I think there is nothing wrong with their clothes being second hand IF they are.
    He is such a very odd man. I’d love to know how his mind works. Well, maybe not haha

  • Ju-Ju Bean


  • I can’t wait to read their Daddy Dearest tell-alls in about 10 years!

  • Catherine

    MJ was so hot five noses ago.

  • tinkerbell

    OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MM

    I wouldn’t call him the “so-called” king of pop personally – I really think in a lot of ways, he still is. Despite all that has happened over the last several years with Michael Jackson, to me he is still the ultimate entertainer/pop star and no one can touch that history. His voice, his killer dance moves, his musicality and amazing talent – those were real and I find it very sad that he is no longer able to share that with us due to his bizarre personal circumstances.

    No one loves Madonna more than me but she has morphed into an actual human in the eyes of the public and that makes her able to live a much better life. People feel like they know her so they leave her alone to a certain degree. Whereas Michael Jackson has really only ever been known as this huge legend and people can’t really see him as anything else.

    All I know is that if I hear any classic Jackson 5 jam or any track off of Off the Wall or Thriller, I am immediately an emotional wreck because it brings back SO many great memories. He’s still the king in my book and I just ignore the rest so I can preserve those memories.

  • Jane

    I think the kids’ clothes match and look like what other kids their age are wearing. I’m more curious as to why the two older ones are holding hands (and poor little Blanket is left out). Usually at their ages brothers and sisters don’t want to even walk on the same side of the street as the other, let alone hold hands. Strange. I hope they have friends outside the bizarre world of MJ.

  • LadyVA

    This is just a sick, sad mess. Those poor children are going to need so much therapy.

  • Ibby

    HAHA I love the “Nice face mask” comment Trent!! What a mess…

  • acyl

    I wonder if he makes his boys wear their hair long?

  • laurie sto

    I think the childrens’ clothing is just fine, they match and look very normal, not at all from a thrift store, just normal stuff. Actually THAT is what surprises me!

  • Alicia

    i think poor blanket could use some help in the fashion department…. as for the other to the socks and sneakers thing seems a bit 80’s/90/s to me….

  • Joanne

    Britney DOESN’T have custody of her kids – but this man DOES – and nobody questions it!!!???

  • abbizmal

    What is wrong with him? Is looks like he might kick the bucket any day now. How sad. And how egotistical is that to name his kids after himself? Too funny. Odd indeed, but made me laugh. At least they’re not wearing those silly masks anymore. Are they allowed interaction with other kids or just eachother? Do some digging on that, Trent. Nosey folks, like me, want to know.

  • cherry

    his children look very pretty.i hope michael gets well.

  • what i most like about michael jackson is the way he makes fun of the media like this situation here… he’s perfectly well, his kids look great…

    but somehow he manages to get free pulicity [like he needs anymore that he’s got already] by making fun of the media who’s always ready to cut heads.

    he’s the king of pop and he’s always gonna be the king of pop

  • Joanne

    There is nothing (medically) wrong with him. He has been pulling this ‘I’m sick – I’m on the verge of dying” bullshit act since the early 80’s! He’s been on a self pity trip since then. Wheelchairs, bandages, facemasks! His fans from the early days (like me) have seen it all and are over it! I feel so sorry for his kids – one can only imagine the BS they have to put up with at home – especially his daughter. Feel sorry for her because she is probably his nurse. What is he going to do when these kids get past puberty and are no longer children???

  • Sha

    Wy aren’t his kids this white? They should have a slightly coloured skin, don’t they???? I mean, a very long time ago, wacko-jacko was a beatifull black boy….

  • I have Bell’s Palsy and enjoy your blog very much. First time I’ve commented, but have been reading here and there.
    Great blog. I enjoy reading it every chance I get and value your opinions!

  • tylor

    yeah, he’s a freak, we all know. but if you’re going to just be a dick and criticize michael jackson (which is like shooting fish in a barrel AND has been done to death, so honestly you’re just being a dick and joining the party)

    anyway – if you’re going to criticize someone at least do it right. the 10 year old blanket or whatever the hell people are supposed to call him looks like a little hobo. but the girl’s top and pants actually do match in the photo you chose to use to tell us all how their clothing never matches. pink bottom, white and pink top, white shoes, neutral brown hat.

    dumbass to her left has orange and yellow which are matching warm colours with a matching hat and neutral greyish shorts.

    so, yeah, the 10 year old looks like a hobo. he’s also 10, for christ’s sake.

    the part that pretty much makes you a big asshole, though, is bothering to do a trendy little lolcats esque caption over a photo of a guy in a wheel chair who apparently (2 minutes on google) has severe back pain. you think he’s just being pushed around in a wheelchair like it’s a fucking amusement park ride? doubtful, even for him.

    actually, this whole blog is pretty vapid. how the hell did i get here? i am leaving.

  • Olivia Jackson

    Blanket’s clothes are perfectly okay for a SIX year old to wear. They are so young and free-spirited the dont give a flying shit about what to wear. People judge Michael because he is successful and rich. You dont know him at all. He is not a freak. His children are beautiful. I love his children. Michael and his family mean everything to me. So just shut up and dont waste 20 minutes of your life brainstorming a whole bunch of mean things to say about him. I LOVE YOU MJ!!! RIP

  • Yhannx

    Gosh! I see my husband ‘Prince’

  • ShArDi4EvA

    all u guys who are babbling shit out of ur mouths hav no respect for the Michael’s children let alone any child….just because they are famous and rich doesnt mean they hav to dress all fancy 24/7….i bet most days you just like to sit bak and relax with non-fancy clothes….why would u harass Michael and his children they r three beautiful young children….btw they r all his every single one of them….why dont you let them hav their peace they hav gone through ENOUGH they hav jjust lost their dad at such a young age….and just because he is gone alll these stupid lie’s and rumors come out just because hes not here to defend him self….just let him and his family hav their peace thats wat they deserve…AND….he did not bleach his skin he had a disease he could not get rid of which was called VITILIGO and the disease is not made up 1-2% of the world actually can hav it and sadly it ran in his dad’s side of the family i bet u would b shutn up if u startd 2 get it….JUST LEAVE THE FAMILY ALONE….thats all he ever wanted!!!!!!!