Is Everything ‘OK’, Casey-Lynn?


The new issue of OK! magazine, which features Jamie Lynn Spears’s newborn baby girl Maddie Briann, is already showing up on newsstands around the country … and here is one of the pics from this latest must own issue which features mother, daughter and father Casey Aldridge:

I, uh, don’t even know exactly what to say … the photo isn’t the best photo of a celebrity baby that I’ve ever seen but Casey-Lynn sure do look happy. I’m absolutely at a loss for the right words to express my feelings. If any of y’all have anything inspiring to comment about this pic, I’d be happy to read them. Make sure you pick up this issue of OK! magazine (on newsstands now) to check out the full set of Maddie Briann Spears-Aldridge photos!

[Photo credit: OK! magazine]

  • Maria

    He looks photoshoped into the photo!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    He looks photoshopped and she looks..well…less than cute. If anyone say anything else they are full of it! That isn’t rude to say because some babies aren’t cute! So what? Anyways, I know exactly what you are talking about Trent!

  • Janelle

    It looks like the photos were taken separately and photoshopped together! All the photos I’ve seen from this cover story have been awful. I’m wondering if the pics will look this bad in the magazine?

  • J

    Sorry people, she may grow to be a great beauty one day but right now….she isn’t a cute baby. I

  • RIchard

    Way too young to be having kids. Maybe she should have been watching Baby Borrowers and not splitting her le…

  • yeah that totally looks like they took his yearbook pic and stuck it in there! the cover page is a better pic of the baby but a worse one of Jamie…. i dont remember where i saw that tho.

  • zahra

    what the bs is this i see? it looks like they poorly copied and pasted that casey brat into the photo! crap like this should not be condoned, they should be ridiculed and then ignored!

  • Melinda

    Uh……….um……….remember that episode of Seinfeld……….with everyone looking at the baby??? hmmmm?? Also, Casey looks TOTALLY PHOTOSHOPPED into the photo…….I am SURE he was not present when they snapped a pic of mom and baby……AND his smiled looks forced…… someone was holding a gun off to the side……..;-)

    I am fairly disgusted by this whole display of teen pregnancy/parenthood and the idea that this is okay. Personally, Jamie-lynn needs to go to college and consider leaving showbiz forever………..raise her kid and quit pretending this is an okay thing.


  • Katie

    That baby has the look of just having been breastfed …… my son always looked “drunk” after his eating time.

  • Froggie2004

    The baby looks drunk! Or “special”

  • CkayM

    it does look photoshopped

    the baby is cute since it’s a baby but like not the best picture no
    jamie lynn looks good tho i guess for just birthing

  • elise

    it’s always a good idea to glamorize teen pregnancy – thanks ok magazine! our youth isn’t mindless enough and herd-following as it is.

    how about don’t bitch about “photoshopped pics” and realize how fucked up the situation is.

  • justme

    Trent.. you know the pictures you post when the baby pops… and its a random picture of the couple while shes pregnant? This is exactly what this looks like, without your pretty writing on top of it.

  • Jane

    Not a good photo at all. I agree it def looks photoshopped. I wonder why they had to stoop to that? Wasn’t Casey there as part of the photo shoot??? I’ll bet this couple is history within a year. JL looks about 30 – way old B4 her time.

  • erika

    you can take the trash out of the trailer….but you can’t take the trailer out of the trash….

  • Kate

    This photo is just so wrong on so many levels. It is not a good one for any of the three! Not to mention in the cover Jamie’s hair is grey!

    They all look so uncomfortable!

  • Shannon

    I’m sorry, but the whole picture looks so fake. I’m happy for them, but really bad picture. I would have left Casey out of the picture, if he was to busy for this picture, maybe he should be left out in generel.

  • Betty Joe

    dude their teenagers! casey is prob scared sh*tless! plus when have u ever seen a pic of him posed and smiling good? And wasn’t the baby just born? i think all babies don’t look cute when they are a newborn. their face is all scrunch up and u can’t tell if they are cute or ugly. I’m sure her face will smooth out as days go by and we can see the baby really looks like. and jaime lynn looks great! she always looks cute!

  • Jessica


  • CtownLady

    It makes me sick to read everyone’s comments on this one! You are all pathetic! Besides the fact that Casey does look photoshopped into the picture, I think it is a great picture! Newborn babies always look a little funny! But then they grow into their own person! That baby is beautiful and so is Jamie-Lynn. People need to stop giving her such a hard time! This happens to a lot of girls, EVEN CELEBRITY GIRLS. Just because it has happened to her doesn’t mean it is glamourized! There are 30something year old mom out there that aren’t even as good at being moms as some of the young mothers that I know.
    LEAVE JAMIE-LYNN ALONE! And leave her precious little baby alone. You are all sick.

  • JB

    I can’t believe that’s the best they could do. I mean, they can make Jennifer Hudson appear to be a size 2 on her CD cover, but this is all they could do with 2 attractive people and a newborn? YIKES! Lawd help me, but that baby……my eyes!

  • Rachel

    This looks like a prom picture, plus a baby.

  • Jess

    I’m sick of hearing people bitch about teen mothers. People make mistakes, yes, it doesn’t mean they’re stupid sluts or whores. My mother was the same age as Jamie Lynn when she fell pregnant with me, she had been dating my father for years beforehand….They will celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary this December, and are both happy, intelligent, successful individuals. Myself, my brother and my sister can all vouch for their parenting skills. They are just as capable as parents who give birth in their 40s.
    The baby looks like most newborns. I think she’s cute. Good luck Casey Lynn =)

  • Jaime

    Not a good picture at all! First off, as many have pointed out, it looks Photoshopped. Second, neither one looks truly happy. Their smiles are forced and the smiles don’t reach their eyes. And if I knew absolutely nothing about Jamie Lynn, I would still be able to conclude that she’s a teenager who had an uexpected mother… she looks very awkward holding that baby.

  • GiGi

    I don’t think it’s so much that the baby looks bad, but the way she is holing it…. kinda looks like the way paris hilton holds her dogs.

  • xgirl

    i’m a professional family photographer and i’d never have any family stand like that, it looks wrong. i think it was done purposely to make these 2 and the baby look awkward so you’d feel bad and buy the mag. i don’t think he’s photoshopped in it but what’s with that white glare?

  • Amber

    Casey looks like he is silently pleading for help. Or doing an “oh no! I totally effed up, should’ve used the condom” smile

  • robin

    the baby looks like it just threw up..and casey is completely photoshopped in. this is ridiculous.

  • tanya

    Yes, yes it looks Photoshopped. And they look awkward. But I’m more concerned with how she’s holding the baby. This baby just popped out what, two weeks ago? Shouldn’t she be holding her head? That kid was either asleep or trying to hold her own head up.

  • Sacha

    They both looked photoshopped. And for the premiere pictures of the baby that’s the best they could do? I understand if we’d seen thousands already, but for the first… come on. Considering how much they paid to get them too.

  • AJ

    She looks like daddy for sure!

  • S

    HAHAH, you guys know you’re wrong for that. It’s a poorly taken photo.

  • moi

    Jlynn doesn’t even know how to properly hold a newborn!

  • Me

    Um…yeah….not cute, any of them. JL did her hair too light, he looks scared and photoshopped. The baby….sorry guys not trying to be mean, but shes not cute. I would have flipped my sh** if someone tried to publish a picture like that on a Magazine. She should have demanded a re-shoot or a different photo, ahhhh so young and DUMB!

  • lovey!

    so sad. so sad. lets all give a BIG round of applause to miss jamie lynn spears for glamorizing teen pregnancy, actually pregnancy in general. in the interview jamie is quoted as saying -“I had a perfect pregnancy and a perfect delivery. I was very blessed.”
    Once I got in there, my doctor was just so calm and so good it was not bad at all,” she says. “I was just talking to Casey. And you know what’s so weird? I was asking him if he was okay. He was like, ‘Yeah.’ We were both so excited.””She is very good,” says Jamie Lynn. “She’ll feed every two or three hours. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, I’ll feed her and she goes right back to sleep. There’s no screaming and crying.”

    The proud mama continues, “We get up in the morning, and she gets her little bath. Then I get my bath. We have a routine, and I love routines. I’ve worked one out with her, and we’re happy going about our little life.”

    ok i dont know about you but i have a new baby and none of it is that easy i have to wait until my husband is home or until my baby is asleep so i can take a shower. and as for routines! ha i wish. being a mom isnt that easy my vag was ripped and swollen for little over a week and my nipples bled from breast feeding. so jamie lynn lets not lie about mother hood it may be the best thing in the world but its far from easy. unless you have a live in nanny down the hall. oh and millions in the bank too.

  • Lane

    He’s totally photoshopped in…nice…

  • hh

    Kudos to the Spears family and OK! Magazine on doing their part to glorify, glamorize, and romanticize teenage pregnancy. I’m sure there were plenty of other magazines that wish they could have done the honors.

  • Sure looks like he was photoshopped in that pic to me….

  • Lisa

    It looks like it should be on promo materials for a made-for-TV movie. Something that’s supposed to cute, and funny, and heart-warming.

    And not real.

  • Dustin

    That baby looks flat up retarded

  • Amanda

    She is holding the baby just fine! And some babies are just naturally easy to deal with. My daughter was a very easy going baby. She still is and she is fifteen months old. Give JL a break. You are all rediculous! You should be cursing the photographer for doing such a shitty job.

  • Joanne

    These are just bad photos – don’t blame the baby – blame the photog!

  • abbizmal

    Aww, poor, sweet little baby. I just wanna pinch those cheeks. It does look awkward the way she is holding her. It just looks like her head is not supported well to me. She was just born, wasn’t she? I agree, they did a shitty job, but even shittier is the making it look like it is so much fun to play house with your new dolly, all you teenagers. That part of it pisses me off. Many teen girls are going to get the wrong message. Of course, they cannot say how difficult raising a baby at 16 or 17 because it isn’t for them. Not like your average person who has to work long hours and put a child in daycare, try to get your GED and go to college, like what is real for most folks.

  • megan

    totally photoshopped. looks horrible.

  • emily

    where to begin?! good lord, it looks like they chose the white trash background for their photos at Sears. They have glowy halos around their heads….wtf?! The poor baby though….I mean, could the spears clan just wait a few more weeks till the baby gets cuter before they get their massive payout from OK!? I mean how effing greedy do you have to be to publish ugly photos of your spawn? I would never and I have a 15 month old that went through a totally gross phase…he’s beautiful now, but man, for a while it was baaaaad. JL should have stepped up, been a mom and said, “Not this month OK!”. Friggin idiots.

  • mrslizmc

    I think the photographer who took these needs to be fired.

  • Robyn

    He looks like he’s thinkin
    “Oh shit, what have I got myself into?!” lol
    Deer in the headlights much?

  • steds

    dang they didnt even wash the windows. this is the worst.

  • It looks… doctored. It looks like all of them, baby included, were shot and cut and paste right in. It seems so fake – it’s like being in a haunted house during the day when you can see how cheesy everything is and how poorly it is put together.

    Much like the Spears family and OK Magazine, actually!

  • Jaddedkitten

    1.casey looks like he was photoshopped into that pic 2. wtf is up with her hair 3. accidents happen condoms break, you can get pregnant on the pill but still it’s sad to see babies having babies 4. that baby looks like every other newborn i’ve ever seen they should have waited till maddie was a little older 5. maddie looks like she just ate some babies tend to looks drunk after they just been fed

  • vj

    Photoshopped and AWKWARD

  • kc

    her boyfriend is photoshopped into this picture. so obcious.

  • It’s so badly photoshopped it’s embarrassing. How can they pass this off? I guess the good thing is the baby appears to look like Casey…they both look very awkward and uncomfortable.

  • Jackie2801

    He looks like Momma Spears is standing behind him whispering …”You best be putting on a big old Southern smile youngin’ and make it look convincing or there is no part of the million bucks for you!”

  • lEENA

    Im sorry but they are just kids. Its ridiculous to be parents so young. My God, couldnt they have used birth control?
    This isnt the 1800s anymore.
    Ah well at least the kid will have young parents and grandparents and cousins that are close in age lol.. Poor Lynn she must be humliated.

  • Jennifer

    I’m sorry, but I could have taken a better picture with my sh*tty digital camera that I have. I don’t think Casey’s photoshopped in, but I think they put way too many effects, and with his white shirt, and the stupid white burst/halo effect it makes him look like he’s cut into the picture. It actually looks like all of them are cut into the picture. It’s a horrible picture.

    Another, I don’t know how the heck to hold a newborn and I’m 22 almost 23. I’ve never held a newborn, so I can understand her awkwardness.

  • Jennifer

    Actually, now that I’m looking more, it looks like JL’s face is painted. Like an artist painted her face onto a canvas it’s so photoshopped. And it looks like she’s got some skin disease (look at her arms and chest). Yea, they should have waited more than 3 weeks to take pictures. I think all babies have an awkward look until they’re about 1-2 months old.

  • Jake

    I think Jamie looks cute it’s an unflattering picture for her boy though and her baby… I’m guessing will look more cute as time goes by. x] Look at all the comments you got say you’ll read the comments every post xP

  • Angel

    After looking at this kid, I don’t think Casey has to worry about whether or not it’s his kid. She may have cheated on him or may not have but that baby looks JUST like him. There’s no doubt in my mind. Too bad it’s a girl. Tough looking so much like daddy when you’re a girl. Oh well, she’ll grow into her looks. Lot’s of babies look funny when they come out.

  • just my opinion

    They should have gottten those Olan Mills pictures done at their llittle ocal church instead- it would have looked better. Oh wait, then they wouldn’t have gotten paid, right?

    To me, it’s just a picture of two kids and the baby they just had before they realize it’s forever going to change their lives, for good or bad.

  • PinkFan

    Um… Trent…

    Did OK let you use their photo for free or something? When did you start telling your blogdom to run out and buy tabloids? Your site is the reason to NOT go out and buy Ok magazine.


  • I

    Who ever did the photoshopping of that photo needs to be fired! That is awful. I couldv’e done better.

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  • Michelle

    How long before she’s knocked up with baby #2?
    When will hollywood and the media in general stop glamorizing unwed pregnancy? The real question is-is this all our young women strive for? Popping out babies because they are so desperately seeking love? How about some positive role models? It sure aint the Nicole Richie’s, Jessica Albas and Spears!!!! Birth control people!! Birth control!!! Get a clue girls…being unwed mom’s isn’t cool!!

  • Kelly

    He looks a little like a deer looking into headlights, and very photoshopped. I am speechless on how OK! is glamorize teen pregnancy! I hope this is the last we see of them.

  • Jill

    If this is any indication of what their kids will look like – they should stop right now. I’m sorry, but not all babies are cute, I hate when people say that.

  • Jeri

    Jamie’s head looks so much bigger than his. What is the deal here folks? The baby does look like him, however.

  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    the funniest comment i’ve read on here so far is from the girl who said her mom “fell pregnant” with her…maybe if people were taught about birth control and things other than abstinence we wouldn’t see this happening. But come on now, women have been getting pregnant at all kinds of young forever now…its not that surprising. You would of thought though she would of learned from her big sis. Oh and Michelle, marriage is a sham!! I actually have more respect for people who have babies who DON’T get married. Who says you need a piece of paper to make a family?
    But yeah, that picture is total photoshop. Honestly though the first thing I noticed was how awkward the baby looked. Cradle that neck/head girl!
    trent your blog rocks. eff those magazines, save a tree…read gossip on the internet! <3

  • lilly

    you think they would of photoshopped the baby in instead of casey, the baby is fug and hopefully look better in the future

  • kerri

    I bet OK mag’s photographer purposely took a bad pic so that controversy would arise. BRILLS!

  • kerri

    aaand they look photoshopped bc of that ridiculously bright light shining behind casey.

  • NOLA

    Hey…I think that kid is flipping me off.

  • MontanaMama

    It doesn’t look photoshopped at all – it looks like those collages they do in yearbooks where you just cut and use tape. It’s too bad they had such an obviously aweful photog take these.

  • Jenn

    it does look photoshopped!!! badly!

  • Hez

    Jess wrote:I’m sick of hearing people bitch about teen mothers. People make mistakes, yes, it doesn’t mean they’re stupid sluts or whores. My mother was the same age as Jamie Lynn when she fell pregnant with me.

    How does one fall pregnant? Do you trip on a crack in the sidewalk and just happen to land on a penis?

    You are sick of people bitching about teen mothers, wait about ten more years and you will be sick of paying high taxes to SUPPORT those teenage mothers

  • Amanda

    To fall pregnant, that is a saying, leave Jess alone… She was only sticking up for JL so must you really make fun of her? You are all rediculous. I am a teenage mother and people don’t pay their taxes to support me. I work my ass off to put food on that high chair and pay for our apartment. I personally think a lot of teenage mothers do a better job than their older mothers. Jamie has had to grow up fast, I think she will be a wonderful mom.

  • dez

    thats so sad. shes a newborn. newborns make all kinds of goofy faces. anyone that says its not a cute baby obviously hasnt been around a newborn adn their array of faces. for all we know she was taking a big ol poo

  • Hez

    Amanda…….spreading your legs at a young age is nothing to brag about. tisk tisk

    I know falling pregnant is a saying, and had you been a bit older you would have understood the sarcastic comment.

  • Melissa

    I think that they probally schose the worst picture to make people believe they don’t know how to raise a baby (which they probally aren’t the best at BUT..) sometimes celebrities don’t get to choose which picture goes into the magazine because they take so many.

  • Leslie

    Gosh, someone fell pregnant? I hope they didn’t hurt themselves.

    To say the baby looks a little “off” in that pic is putting it mildly. The kid looks awful. That can’t be the best picture. This has to be a joke – like the blooper reel of the photo shoot.

  • Jill

    I’ve been around lots of newborns, had some myself and it’s like people, not all are cute. Some are fug. She could straighten out though, some cute people were ugly babies.

  • Amanda

    Dear Hez, I am a very sarcastic person yet I didn’t find what you said to be too funny. You seem like you need a dose of humanity. And guess what? I will ALWAYS brag about being a mother to my daughter. She is beautiful and very smart, of course I will teach her that she should wait till she is married and at least 40 before having sex (haha) But, when things happen they happen… And, you just have to get over it and move on with your life instead of cursing people and celebrites you don’t know on the internet.

  • gigi

    Oh thank goodness, you all see that Maddie isn’t that cute too. I thought I was mean and spoiled as my cousin just had a baby who is a cutie. My cousin’s baby was delivered through C-section and little Maddie was delivered naturally. Before this, I had only heard that C-section babies come out looking more uh…together, and that natural babies start out a little on the homely side. I don’t think we are used to seeing babies in H-wood that are born the natural way, so this may account for our shock and un-awe.

    If Maddie stays this way then I can understand why JLS said that she wished the baby looked like her.

  • Tiffany

    Jamie-Lynn’s not a bad influence. She’s going through what a good number of teenagers go through every year, she just happens to be in a better situation to handle it. Hell, she’s in a better situation than some ADULTS are to raise a child, she’s a millionare! Teenagers know that. At least the ones you expect to be “corrupted” by this terrible representation do. and it’s totally ridiculous to say that because she’s 17, she doesn’t know what she’s doing; NO ONE knows what they’re doing when they have their first child, whether they’re 17 or 35, but that doesn’t make her any less capable of being a good mother. People did it all the time before birth control was invented. Having babies young was the norm, then. And to say that getting pregnant in the first place is proof enough that she’s too immature to raise a child is b.s., too. I don’t hear anyone saying anything of the sorts about any of the other unplanned, out-of-wedlock pregnancies in hollywood that have become so common: Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, etc… oh, but i guess they really “meant to do that”, they must have, since they’re so wise and mature. Get off you high horse and realize that age is just a number. Maybe you might have been an irresponsible loser in your highschool days, but that doesn’t mean Jamie-Lynn is, too.

  • Natalie

    That is an awful picture! The backdrop looks so fake and it reminds me of the painting from the opening of Desperate Housewives, the one with the old couple in front of the farmhouse. It’s nothing like it, but the awkward, front-and-center pose makes me think of it. that’s just what it is… awkward. But i’m sure Maddie’s adorable in real life. I think she’s cute in the sense that all babies are cute; chubby and little and sweet. Hopefully this picture soesn’t do her justice!

  • Jamie’s beautiful. The baby isn’t looking it’s best, but in other pics shes’ soo cute!