The Death Of ‘Brangelina’


Back in March, it was reported that Jennifer Lopez added a stipulation to the sale of the first photos of her newborn twin babies Max and Emme that stated that People magazine could no longer refer to her as “J. Lo if they wanted to close the $6 million dollar deal for the pics. People magazine complied (as far as I know) and the babies were featured on the cover and in the pages of the magazine without using the name “J. Lo” once. Now, TMZ is reporting that Angelina Jolie is insisting a similar stipulation be included with any deal (yet to be made with any magazine) for the sale of her twin baby pics. As part of the deal for the pics, which thus far has the asking price of $16 million bucks, the couple is no longer to be referred to as “Brangelina:

Someone is going to part with megabucks for the first shots of Brangelina’s twins, but if you want the snaps, you’re also going to give up something else. A source in the know tells TMZ that one of the conditions of getting the J-P twins’ first pictures is that the winning mag is forbidden from using “Brangelina.” Multiple sources tell us the couple hates the moniker — but no one more than Angelina.

LOL! This is so ridiculous. I mean, I guess I can understand the mentality of J. Lo and Brangelina … if they hate the nicknames, they hate the nicknames. Using whatever leverage they have to try and put an end to the nicknames they apparently hate so much makes sense. In J. Lo’s case, tho, her moniker was a creation of her own — she proudly used the nickname, making it the title of her second album. In Brangelina’s case, well, they had no say in the creation of the name so they have a better case. Unfortch for them, tho, I’m pretty sure the world isn’t going to stop calling them Brangelina … I know I’m not. The only media outlet that will stop using the name is the outlet that shells out the $16+ million bucks for the pics. And for the record, I like the nickname Brangelina … it falls off the tongue so nicely, don’t you think?


  • Indiesr

    I Love “Brangelina”, they will always be “brangelina”, but also, I do always believe the rumors, so lets wait and see….

  • DalGal

    I hate all of the nicknames!

  • Joce

    i always say “braddenangelina” as one name. that rolls better for me.

    i hate them both though so one more annoying ploy to keep their names in the papers…is to change them

  • Melinda

    I will happily never utter Brangelina again for the sum of $1 million payable by Brangelina to me…..;-)

  • shazza

    i love ange… but dun u think she looks like an alien in this pic??????

  • Sher

    I’ve never really cared for them as a couple, so I don’t really care what people call them. And yes, Shazza – she does look like an alien, I wonder if she’s come to earth to steal a vile of Brad’s blood.

  • Joanne

    geezuss – they can’t have everything they want. They don’t own the world! As much as they think they do!

  • Mookalakkaheekee

    For a couple of “humanitarians” I would think that they would ask for something like a donation to help with the rebuliding of New Orleans or some other worthy cause, not the discontinuation of a frakkin nickname.

    I’ve always been impressed with how they are with their children and how they are always giving back to the community…but this is just beyond petty. I’m totally disappointed in them.

  • LadyVA

    I can understand Brad and Angelina not wanting the nickname used. I mean, it’s not like it’s something they came up with. Now J. Lo on the other hand needs to get over it. She created that monster so she should just suck it up and deal with it.

  • Catherine

    Angelina is a homewrecker.

  • Kelly

    Get over yourselves. In the big scope of things, like life and reality, who cares? Whether or not anyone continues or discontinues to call them Brangelina, will not affect their lives.