The Stair Master


Ryan Phillippe has managed to tear himself away from his new ladylove Abbie Cornish long enough to do some exercising on his own in the hilly area next to his new Hollywood Hills home this week. Here are a few pics of the sweaty Mr. Phillippe:

If there’s one thing we can count on it’s Ryan’s devotion to his physical fitness. These new shirtless pics of the man enjoying his latest work-out brings to mind all the many previous photos of the lad jogging, doing sit-ups, playing on the beach, sprinting that have entertained and delighted us thruout the years. I salute Ryan’s commitment to maintaining his hawt bod … why, I may even be standing at attention right now.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I really do love summer time!! Thank the lord!

  • JR

    Yummy!!!! Keep the shirtless pics comin! :P

  • Angie

    “Woot” is right! :)

  • J


    On the sidenote, Trent, I kinda miss your old blogs like that… you know, the long ones with everything at once, although I understand why it’s better to do one post after another.

  • Kelly

    Oh.. How I love summer!!!

  • hummer

    Apart from the newbalance kinda slip-on shoes..which are so NOT hot (in my opinion)! :)

  • Jayme

    umm…how can he be doing any sort of running workout in new balance clogs?? really not so good for the knees buddy.

    but still, he’s easy on the eyes

  • Calgirl

    HOT! What I would love to do with that body……..:)

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  • Sher

    What ev, take it or leave it

  • EJJGal

    He is FINE!! Much better than Reese’s Jakey-poo. What is the big deal about Gyllenhall anyway?!! I wish Reese & Ryan were still together and would make more babies together.

  • bones

    that tattoo!

  • I

    Oh so much better than Jake. I think I would’ve had to forgive and forget about the little cheating thing….I mean come on…I’m practiculy licking my screen right now!