Kate Hudson And Lance Armstrong Play Tennis

Game, Set, Match ... Love?

Kate Hudson and a shirted Lance Armstrong (who also appears to have gotten a haircut since last we saw him) were spotted enjoying a friendly game of doubles tennis earlier today in the Pacific Palisades here in LA … here are a few pics:

I’m not sure who was winning but my guess is that the score was Love All ;)

[Photo credit: X17]

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  1. Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Kate is so cute! She looks just like her mother!!!

  2. Irma

    haha I love your corny little comments like “Love all”

  3. Score 0-0

    I like the last shot where Kate is retrieving a ball. :/

    There are some people you wish you could lob over a net and have them disappear over the foul line.

  4. christi

    Has any one else noticed that one of them is always decked out in Nike gear. Normally its him, are they both working for Nike now?

  5. bones

    yuck. i’m on team wilson. actually, i wanted owen and jennifer aniston to stay together, though. but lance armstrong broke the bro code.

  6. Panti Christ

    The hair is gone and the yellow bracelet makes a comeback!

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