Madonna’s Brother Sells Her Out


As rumors about the dissolution of Madonna’s marriage to hubby Guy Ritchie are just beginning to die down a bit and as reports of the very public split between Alex Rodriguez (of the New York Yankees) and his wife Cynthia begin to heat up (Cynthia’s lawyer claims that Madonna was “the final straw” leading to their divorce), new deets from the tell-all book from Maddy’s estranged brother Christopher Ciconne are starting to come out just days before the book, Life with my Sister Madonna, hits bookshelves on July 15. Early indications are that the book will make very bold claims about personal aspects of Madonna’s private life including alleged marriage woes, drug use and sexual experiences. Something tells me that Christopher Ciconne is really lobbying for Brother of the Year this year. Here is the cover of Christopher’s new book and some deets from within its pages:

Madonna’s rocky marriage to Guy Ritchie has survived because of rabbi Yehuda Berg who served as a mediator during their seven-year union, the singer’s brother Christopher Ciccone reveals in his unauthorized biography Life With My Sister Madonna. The book comes out July 15, as reports continue to grow about the singer’s close relationship to Yankees player Alex Rodriguez. According to Ciccone, a major issue in Madonna’s marriage to Ritchie, 39, has been been her desire to live in New York City. Ritchie feels England is a better place to raise their children, Rocco, 7, adopted son David, 2, and 11-year-old daughter Lourdes (dad is Carlos Leon). The bio is also expected to unearth details about the singer’s rampant drug use and lesbian flings. “The book is a warts-and-all account. Chris [Ciccone] was there for all the key moments in Madonna’s life,” an unidentified source told British tabloid The Sun. Madonna has had no part in the book, her rep has said.

Yeesh. It must smart like a mofo to have your brother try and cash in with a book full of sordid tales about your private life. To be honest, I imagine there must be some truth in the book’s pages but I wholeheartedly believe that fabrications and half-truths make up the majority of the book … if you consider that the book publisher may have suggested that liberties and embellishments be added to make the claims more interesting … well, I imagine the book won’t paint a very nice picture of Madonna. It’s no wonder that she and her brother have been estranged for so long … maybe this is his way of getting revenge as well as making some money on the side? On the real, I’d be interested in reading this book. Granted, I’d be taking everything I read with a big grain of salt but I can’t help but be intrigued by what her brother has to say. Nothing in the book would ever change my opinions but I’m afraid I’m dying to know what sort of sordid goss Christopher is trying to peddle.

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Her brother is an asshole!! He has some bad karma coming his way!!!

  • Girlie Girl

    Hhhhmmm… I would’ve completely dismissed everything before reading about C-Rod’s side of the whole A-Rod/Madonna drama… man….. still gotta love Madge though.

  • SpecialK

    Unf*ckingbelievable! I guess we know why Madonna is estranged from her brother, if you can call him that. Whatever happened to blood is thicker than water? I guess there won’t be any family reunion anytime soon.

  • Joce

    I think a part of him is just over everyone loving the hypocritical madonna. She’s done some shit and if it were up to her, we’d never bring it up. like it or not its a part of her very public past.

    I may read some of it just because its getting all this hype. But think about it. Why else would he write a book. maybe because she’s done something to warrant her being taken down a peg. kind of like ignoring her family and treating them like second class…

    Lets hope its not like Mommy Dearest. cause that was a bowl full of lies.

  • Panti Christ

    Come mid-July, I will definitely be staring wide-eyed into the pages of this carwreck. I’m torn between the ideas of Mr. Gyllenhaal and Joce, above – they’re both right. Hmmm…

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  • abbizmal

    Madonna never seemed like she was a very nice person so maybe this is karma coming HER way. Yah, I can’t wait until one of her kids writes a book.

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  • Madonna is in with her brother on this. Madonna doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Why should she. How would her brother know anything about her if they have been estranged from each other? Another marketing ploy by Madonna well done. She probably tired of giving him money and stands to make a good deal herself on this project which also helps her market herself for other venues. Madonna is the queen of hype and she delivers after the hype. Pretty smart if you ask me.

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  • DDD

    i know one of madonna’s brothers, anthony. i have a feeling that a lot of what will be in the book is true because i know all about what a selfish, greedy woman she is. cold hearted. narcissistic, driven, determined, talented but not nice at all…..

    there has been family conflict forever because she was this bad seed that was born 50 years ago and has caused a tremendous amount of pain for her family of origin.

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