Lance Armstrong Loses His Shirt


In order to get over the unsightly shirtlessness of the previous post, I had to find some photos of some actual hawt shirtlessness to make up the difference. Unfortch, Matthew McConaughey doesn’t run around as half-nekkid as he used to so we’re gonna have to settle for pics of his shirtless BFF Lance Armstrong. Here are a few pics of Lance as he milled about outside Kate Hudson’s home Saturday afternoon:

Again, he’s no Matthew McConaughey but he’ll do in a pinch. I must say, the facial hair looks quite fetching on the lad. It’s a good look for him … I guess Kate Hudson likes her men hairy, at least from the neck up.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • AAAA

    Looks like Jake Gyllenhal to me.

  • trix

    Sure doesn’t look like Lance to me. I didn’t think he had that much hair or that color.

  • I thought it was Jake too!

  • AAAA

    Lance is taller and his body is built differently.

  • rusty

    Me know Lance . . . that not Lance, or at least, good god I hope it isn’t him.

  • Tim

    It looks like he’s sucking in his gut and throwing back his shoulders… or maybe I just have really bad posture.

  • Jen

    No Matthew? Honey hes miles ahead of that one. Lance has always and will always be one sexy man!!

    Tour de France babyyy

  • Panti Christ

    Where’s his yellow bracelet? Lol, I thought that thing was TATTOOED on him!!! Plus facial hair!? – somebody is w-h-i-p-p-e-d

  • Br!on

    Not Lance. Just saw him in NY and unless these are the worst photos in the world….

  • Claire

    doesn’t look like him. i can’t stand that guy, i don’t know why. it’s awesome that he survived cancer and the bike thing is impressive but there’s just something about him…

  • CRex

    Wow – that is one of the worst photos ever of Lance, if it’s him. Definitely not as chiseled as I was expecting. Whoever this guy is, it looks like he’s gonna need a Man-zier or a Bro shortly. I think this guy might have on Man-pris, so where’s his Murse…

  • Girlie Girl

    I completely agree with trix! I didn’t know his hair was that dark either. I think he dyed it….. and I think it was an excellent decision. HAWT!

  • That can’t be Lance…that guy has too much HAIR! Lance is balding more than that.

    Unless he’s a big fan of Hair Club for Men.

    Stranger things have been known to happen! ; )

  • Lindsey

    How did you have apicture of him posted later in the day with buzzed hair? Get the facts straight…