Lance Armstrong Loses His Shirt

... apparently, at Kate Hudson's house ;)

In order to get over the unsightly shirtlessness of the previous post, I had to find some photos of some actual hawt shirtlessness to make up the difference. Unfortch, Matthew McConaughey doesn’t run around as half-nekkid as he used to so we’re gonna have to settle for pics of his shirtless BFF Lance Armstrong. Here are a few pics of Lance as he milled about outside Kate Hudson‘s home Saturday afternoon:

Again, he’s no Matthew McConaughey but he’ll do in a pinch. I must say, the facial hair looks quite fetching on the lad. It’s a good look for him … I guess Kate Hudson likes her men hairy, at least from the neck up.

[Photo credit: X17]

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  1. AAAA

    Looks like Jake Gyllenhal to me.

  2. trix

    Sure doesn’t look like Lance to me. I didn’t think he had that much hair or that color.

  3. I thought it was Jake too!

  4. AAAA

    Lance is taller and his body is built differently.

  5. rusty

    Me know Lance . . . that not Lance, or at least, good god I hope it isn’t him.

  6. Tim

    It looks like he’s sucking in his gut and throwing back his shoulders… or maybe I just have really bad posture.

  7. Jen

    No Matthew? Honey hes miles ahead of that one. Lance has always and will always be one sexy man!!

    Tour de France babyyy

  8. Panti Christ

    Where’s his yellow bracelet? Lol, I thought that thing was TATTOOED on him!!! Plus facial hair!? – somebody is w-h-i-p-p-e-d

  9. Br!on

    Not Lance. Just saw him in NY and unless these are the worst photos in the world….

  10. Claire

    doesn’t look like him. i can’t stand that guy, i don’t know why. it’s awesome that he survived cancer and the bike thing is impressive but there’s just something about him…

  11. CRex

    Wow – that is one of the worst photos ever of Lance, if it’s him. Definitely not as chiseled as I was expecting. Whoever this guy is, it looks like he’s gonna need a Man-zier or a Bro shortly. I think this guy might have on Man-pris, so where’s his Murse…

  12. Girlie Girl

    I completely agree with trix! I didn’t know his hair was that dark either. I think he dyed it….. and I think it was an excellent decision. HAWT!

  13. That can’t be Lance…that guy has too much HAIR! Lance is balding more than that.

    Unless he’s a big fan of Hair Club for Men.

    Stranger things have been known to happen! ; )

  14. Lindsey

    How did you have apicture of him posted later in the day with buzzed hair? Get the facts straight…

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