America’s Next Top Wax Statue


The Washington DC branch of the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum chain has just unveiled their new wax statue of Tyra Banks … cuz, you know, the seat of our nation’s government wouldn’t be complete without a wax statue that is the spitting image of this year’s Daytime Emmy Award winner for Best Informative Talk Show … behold:

Madam Tussaud’s usually does a great job with their wax statues but they’ve really outdone themselves with this one. In fact, this statue even looks more lifelike than the real life Tyra Banks. Should the woman ever need to take a sick day, they can just plop this bad boy right down on her couch and I doubt anyone would even notice. This statue even knows how to smile with its fake eyes! Now that’s talent, y’all.

[Photo credit: Getty]

  • schmee

    If thats supposed to be Tyra, who’s the woman hosting America’s Next Top Model who weights 40 pounds more? Maybe its supposed to be Tyra from the Fresh Prince era?

    Hand that statue a burrito and get it up to date.

  • Did Tyra donate one of her fabulous wigs for that statue?

  • Nicole

    something seems a lil off in the face.

  • pooneck

    looks a little lightweight to be the real tyra, unless this is one of her skinny days. either way she is beautiful. but i mean, be realistic if you are going to be real. this may have been her weight 15 years ago when she did more runway and photo shoots…

  • careful

    I love her style. Did you see her hot pics? I did. It’s on ‘ri ch k iss . c om’. She put them on her nice profile there. Is she looking for date, friends there?

  • velvet revolution

    wait…. are one of these two Tyras real? If so Im guessing the one on the laft but I really don’t know!

  • Notorious

    I love her,, i dont care what any1 say’s about her, her face is 2 die 4, and she seems awesome and real also careing,,those are awesome qualitys

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