The Lost Lohan?


In Touch Weekly has scrounged up a photo of the young girl who was allegedly fathered by Michael Lohan (a claim made by the girl’s mother Kristi Kaufmann) despite his claims that he is not the father. Well, actually Daddy Lohan confessed that he may have fathered the girl and even went so far as to take a DNA test … but now he’s backtracking, telling In Touch “I don’t know how I could be [the girls father].” Here’s a pic of Ashley Kaufmann, the possible Lohan lovechild, and a few deets about the whole sordid affair:

Lindsay Lohan is still reeling from the news that she may have a 13-year-old half sister, which she learned from her mother, Dina. “To say Lindsay is shocked is putting it mildly,” says a pal, of Michael Lohan’s June 27 stunning admission that he had a relationship with another woman during a brief separation from Lindsay’s mom that may have resulted in a pregnancy. The girl’s mother, Kristi Kaufmann, tells In Touch that Ashley “has Lindsay’s freckles. She even has that scratchy Lindsay voice.” Kristi adds that Ashley knows all about her famous sibling. “Michael told Ashley that Lindsay was her sister many years ago. Ashley said, ‘Wow, I’d love to meet her. What teenage girl wouldn’t like to meet Lindsay?'” Michael, however, denies Kristi’s claims that he’s the father. “I don’t know how I could be,” he tells In Touch. “The math doesn’t add up.” Still, Lindsay, 22, isn’t averse to getting to know Ashley, either. “Lindsay said, ‘She could be my flesh and blood,'” says her pal,”‘but I’m not doing anything until I’m certain she’s my sister.'” Meanwhile, the day after her ex-husband’s shocking announcement, Dina was at Hamptons hotspot Lily Pond for the V1 Jets screening of Living Lohan. “She was putting on a brave face,” says a friend. “She feels it’s the ultimate betrayal.” “If Lindsay wants to know her sister, she’s more than welcome,” says Kristi. “I’ve never met Ashley,” says Michael. “If I am found to be the father, obviously I will step up to the plate and do the right thing.

Daddy Lohan talked to E! News about the timeline of his affair with Kristi Kaufmann:

On Friday, the 48-year-old Lohan patriarch acknowledged having sexual relations on two occasions with Kristi Kauffman, a woman he met in Houston in the mid-’90s. He said he initially believed Kauffman’s claims that her daughter, Ashley, was his, but now Lohan says the math doesn’t make sense. “We were together in July of ’94. I think it was just before The Parent Trap came out because that’s when Dina and I were separated,” he tells E! News. “[Kristi] left me and went to Houston, Texas, and she met a guy she lived with there for a year.” According to his time line, Lohan says, Ashley, now 13, was born in June 1995—a difference of 11 months—which is why he ran out to get this test done right away. “She had me so convinced. She had me snowballed,” he says, adding that he even communicated with the girl he believed was Lindsay’s secret sis by telephone, even helping her with her homework. “Here I was sitting in jail going through a divorce, felt like I had no hope and then someone sends me a letter and says I have a baby. And I thought maybe this is what I’m supposed to do next,” he says. The results of the paternity test will be ready in 10-12 days and should settle the matter, he says.

Yeesh … as if Michael Lohan couldn’t get any more skeevier he has to go and get embroiled in a mess like this. And I’m sorry but I simply cannot feel sorry for Michael Lohan, no matter what he has to say about anything. Personally, I think it would be best for Lindsay to stay as far away from this mess as possible until the whole thing gets sorted out. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Daddy Lohan turns out to be this poor girl’s father … nor would I be surprised if the whole thing turns out to be a scam for publicity and attention on the mother’s part. I guess we’ll know who’s tellin’ lies in about 10-12 days time.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin; Source, Source]

  • Applespice

    That girl does look a lot like Alli Lohan to me. Who knows. I’m curious to find out if it is his or not.

  • emmie21

    it seems like that whole family and anyone who is involved with them is totally shady.

  • Liz

    She DOES look an awful lot like Daddy Lohan. Poor thing.

  • Rome

    Hello?! This girl is the spitting image of Daddy Lohan. Case solved.

  • PixieBassline

    poor kid. I’d be so ashamed and embarressed to be related to the Lohans.

  • Jaddedkitten

    Hohan relapsing in 5….4….3….2…

  • She looks like him.

  • Wt f

    Well get rid of lindsay anyway will do :)

    Say hello to a new lohan smarter and much better looking .

    Agree with PixieBassline

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  • Cici

    She looks just like that oldest son of theirs, Michael! He’s on the show “Living Lohan”. Google him, you’ll see that they are nearly identical!

  • Schuyler

    the parent trap came out in 98..

  • salad

    She’s hot with pretty face. I love her. it’s strange to see her blogs on ‘ric h kis s.c om/blogs’. it’s a cel ebrity da ting site. is she lonely? And more she’s a certif ied milli onaire there. OMG is she seriously dating there?

  • Jack

    If This Supposedly Michael Lohan’s Daughter.Then Why Did Kristi Kaufmann Wait So Long To Mention It To Michael Lohan.When The Girl Was Born.Kristi Kaufmann,Should Got Into Contact With Michael Lohan And Let Him Know.And Prove It Then.And Ask For Child Support.Instead She Waited For Years To Go By Before She Contacted Him.Why Is That?I Think Because,She Sees Lindsay’s Got Millions Of Dollars.And She Wants Some Of Those Millions.I Think Kristi Kaufmann Needs To Leave The Lohan Family Alone.She Has Caused Enough Trouble Already.Kristi Kaufmann Go Home And Stop Causing So Much Trouble.