Who Needs A Wheelchair?


The luminous Courtney Love found herself in a bit of a pickle this weekend when she suffered an injury (a broken toe, apparently) over the weekend and had to be helped home by a friend. Fortunately for C. Love and her knight in shining armor, a nearby shopping cart was employed to aid in locomotion — the operative word being “loco”. Naturally, the first thing that Court did upon arriving home from her painful (yet off kilter) experience was try to explain her actions on her official My Space blog … which then turned into a meandering, rambling post about how all of her money has been (is being?) stolen from her by people who have access to her computer (and randomly, Ryan Adams gets a mention) … at least, I think that’s what she’s trying to say. Here are a few photos of Courtney being pushed around in her shopping cart and a portion of her latest My Space blog post which she posted last night at 11:58pm — all grammar and typos are her own:

i got Shopping Toe

i stubbed it at Theodores then Stu and me found a shopping cart and i was limping so fucking bad he just threw me in and bam bam bam razzi razzi razzi … why am i writing on MY SPACE? cos my fucking mac is soo corrupted i am never alone and have a VERY large shared community of assholes who tally every penny they spend of mine and fucking take any letter email from any “prominent” person and delete it same with Mcgee , ALAN tell teh Icarus Line Jor kid of COURSE ill do it- i wrote you back 8 days ago but nothing i send on aol or anything on this computer is going to go out due to brendan Melissa Mccourt and Barber that fucking disgutsing lizard are still all up in my shit and now i KNOW all the shit- ALL THE SHIT
aint no 72,000,000 embezzled!
its 380,000,000 embezzled and i can easily demonstrate it- its fucking disgusting.
Kurt even “Bought” or rather me and Frances bought a now 9.8 million dollar home in Beverly Hills in 2001, he
“lives” in 153 houses wich hes purchased in the last 5 /8 yerars and i hjave every single property record and Comerica “Dissapeared” eg Banker Sonja Cochran just liek she
“Dissapeared” Kim Cobains home -eg by using the address “123 Reves apt d bev hills 90210″ to put 330 ,000 dollars in Victoria Blakes Cancerous piehole, knowing fullwell that this would repossess that property within 18 months and my “Lawyer” being c eo of “Hole Incoroprated” FORMED in July 2006 when Perez, Steves got himself a 1.6 million dollar Loan from Cochran and then theres the matter of “Dissapearing” Frances ‘s 7.6 million dollars from Mestel, Weitzmans “Power of Attorney:” and the 198,000 dollar Franchise tax Board checks that were immediatly voided in “Dollhead incoproated” an Incoproation long sicne dissolved but noan account at Comerica amongst about i assume abnother 20 ms Coc hran doesnt feel the need to tell me due to the forged Powers Of Attorney , the obvious obstructions of justice,
she was supposed to have been removed from my account and has ANYONE EVER IN THIER FUCKING LIVES had a cde come to fruition and have thier BANKER pay down their Visa service for FRAUD charges? what fucking business is it of herss espaecillay as theres a very publically filed 2.4 million dollar police report.

bankers paying fraud charges on Visas?

Dollhead inc “owned” by a 109 year old Lester Knsipel ( hes really using the SSN system to all ya lalls advantage this creepy fuck is also a CPA in AZ the number one mortgage fraud state in the union and i SWEAR he put it there all by his lonesome and with Azoffs help in some obvious cases)

a 108 year old Irving Azoff who i barely even fucking KNOW

and my former counsel Howard Weitzman

what are these men doing together and why do they OWN HOLE INCOPRPORATED wich has no FEIN ( tax) number wich matches it?

why are there 129 email addresses on my fucking aol account? on my “shared” netwrok you creepy greedy old coots- you think that stealing from a CHILD a Widow and 3 dependents will not bite you in the ass?

they “Dissapeared” 1.8 million dollars in 72 hours in “wires” they”cant tell me” where the wires went and every email from Trudie Styler or Eric or Alan Mcgee ( this is how we know lizard barbers doing it too not only was an email of mine erased almost totally the other night by Mccourt or Brendan Vaughn but it was already printed out ANYWAY and you creeps in my file can eat me)
Barbers still OBSESSED with you Alan! he still thinks your his BUDDY, ugh go away- and anytime Ryan Adams wants to fucking discuss his insanely overpriced to make piece of kack record thats on MY amex im ready to either punch him in the face or listen to what he has to say but he needs to pay me back the little shit-= hey i like Ryan fine as an artist i guess he doesnt seem to want to be Ryan Adams but it appears he likes being “Compared to Dylan”
I LOVE that
But isnt that a LITTLE OLD?
fuck it id rather Gerard Way just play Frannies sweet 16 and thank you for yoru note GW i cant write you for a few more days til i get a real IT motherfucking hacker in here cos it wouldnt be fair to share your email address with these assholes.
But youve really made my kid happy with your politeness and sweetness and i shant forget it ever, and fuck it i want big shooting pyrotechnics! in fact i think ill get me some.

sorry of this excludes alot of you i have zero way of communicating important shit with people with this many cucaraches crawling over my Computer- and Steves

as for my toe its in a splint and i have lyrics to write enough of these poison dwarves in their hundreds.


and oh…ouchy/


Um. Yeah. It sounds like Courtney is really working thru something here. The middle portion, pertaining to her finances (or the pilfering of her finances, as it were) is intriguing … like, you can kinda see how her mind works by reading it. There are some hard facts (whether they be true or not) embedded in her rambling thought process (which seems really out of context, sandwiched between the news about her broken toe), she just appears to have difficulty explaining them properly … to whom is she explaining all of this to is a mystery. Courtney Love is insanely fascinating character … uh, with the operative word being “insanely”.

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  • Ju-Ju

    Here’s an idea: C. Love and A. Winehouse – rommies. Imagine the fun!!

  • Ju-Ju

    *roomies — ‘scuse moi.

  • !!!! That is a brills idea !!!! They should do a reality show :)

  • LadyVA

    That would be hilarious! Can you imagine the antics?

  • Kats

    your comment about Courtney ‘really working thru something here’ had me laughing out loud for a good two minutes.


    Thanks for the laugh.

  • PixieBassline

    Damnnn – Wtf is she ON??? She never makes sense anymore.

  • Max Thrax

    Is she talking about working w/ Aaron North?

  • She is in a class by herself.

  • What is she on?

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