John Barrowman Does Toronto Pride


John Barrowman, the out and proud star of Torchwood (the closest thing we have right now to Buffy the Vampire Slayer), has been spending some time in Canada hanging out at Niagra Falls, working on a project called How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? and participating in the 2008 Toronto Pride Parade which took place yesterday … here are a couple pictures of John whooping it up on his float:

I love Torchwood and I love John Barrowman. Darion is the one who got me hooked on the amazing TV show and I can’t even tell you how much I love John’s outspoken pride. I am not surprised in the least that he would choose to participate in Toronto’s Pride Parade whose theme this year was Unified! (possibly taking a cue from the Democrats here in the US?) Folks in LA might want to take note that John will be making a personal appearance at Book Soup on Sunset Blvd. to sign copies of his autobiography Anything Goes on July 23. Unfortch, I will not be able to attend (I’ll be traveling) but I know there are gads of Torchwood fans out there who might not want to miss this opportunity.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • love torchwood and john is amazing at everything i saw him in the panto aladin last december he was sooo funny n good he’s doing robin hood this year yaaaaaay cant wait

    and darion’s a fan to :) wooop wooop

  • MartinaX

    Love him and Torchwood :-)

  • Nicole

    that parade was sooooo much fun =) i thought he looked familiar but at the time i couldnt put a name to the face. Trent you should really come to one of these parades, you’d have a blast!

  • Jake

    Torchwood & Dr Who is set where I live Cardiff & John lives in Cardiff Bay

  • Sarah

    Thanks for the heads-up Trent! My gals & I can’t miss the chance to meet Captain Jack!

  • Inbetweener

    Ooh Trent!!! Im one of your avid readers right from the beginning of time…and how you disappoint me :P…its spelled NIAGARA falls… hometown

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  • Jennifer

    Torchwood is AWESOME and so is John Barrowman. He’s one of my most favorite people ever. I’m telling ya, Trent. If you like Torchwood you HAVE to watch Doctor Who! That’s where John got his start in the series! Plus it’s just as great!

  • Shannon

    Yea Toronto!!!!!

  • Lelah

    I love his singing, too (and he’s on iTunes!)! JB is so awesome. I LOVE how he plays Capt. Jack. Moreso when he was first introduced in Doctor Who, because he was soooo flirty. And the bit in ep 13 of Season 4 of Dctor Who where Donna first sees him is hilarious!

  • Jen

    I love his singing too. His releasing his second album later this year called music, music, music, and Garey Barlow from take that has written a track for the album too, can’t wait for it!!

    p.s. i would love for more fans to join my JB appreciation group on facebook “john barrowman appreciation society”