Cristiano Ronaldo Showers In Public


Here are a few photos of Manchester United soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo to start the day off right. Mr. Ronaldo continued his Sardinian holiday with friends this weekend and spent a bit of time washing off his mostly nekkid body in a public, poolside shower … take a look:

While the absence of a pair of certain neon orange swim trunks might’ve made these photos a wee bit more interesting, I ain’t complaining by any stretch of the imagination. Yeah, there ain’t really all that much that one can say about photos like these. Yummo! comes to mind, tho. I kinda love it when Cristiano Ronaldo goes on vacay … he should deffo do much more of it.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • meg


  • At last… I see the reason for public showers.

  • CRex

    Look at that view! WOOT! I wish more men (Hugh Jackman!) would wear the shorter shorts (read: non-speedos, unless you are a soccer/futbal player)… very very tasty….

  • mj

    Now everybody knows what to get me for my birthday. (These photos explain why Ronaldo is Reason #2 in “The Top 25 Reasons Why I Love Soccer!” (Sorry, Ronaldo, but Thierry is still Reason #1))

  • Tammy

    two posts in one week! you made my day trent!

  • daisy

    Cristiano Ronaldo pictures never get tiring =) .. Keep ’em coming PLEASEEEE!! <3

  • Tammy

    i lovehow in the last pic you can totally tell hes looking at his penis…..I have some interesting photos of him I found on the interweb… me if you want the link trent.