It’s A ‘Jungle’ Out There


Gossip Girl isn’t the only TV show that is filming second season scenes for upcoming eps in NYC these days … production on the NBC show Lipstick Jungle (which I didn’t watch last season) has gotten underway on the streets of NYC (the East Village, to be exact) where scenes between Kim Raver (ex-Audrey Raines on 24) and co-star Robert Buckley (current Hottie McHotster) were shot on a public basketball court this week. Considering that Robert looks this good while shirtless, I think I’m gonna have to start watching the show from now on:

Oh yeah … I deffo see the appeal of watching a show like this. I don’t even care what is going on between the characters … as long as it keeps going on with as little clothing as possible. After the jump, a bunch more photos of just Robert Buckley playing basketball … alone … sweaty … and sans shirt …

Dear sweet baby Jebus, I thank you for this bounty. Lipstick Jungle just got itself a new fan :)

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • shir

    His body is WILD!.
    He looks amazing… esp in the photos when he is stretching.
    Oh gawd

  • samantha

    i saw the first episode of lipstick jungle. it sucked ass. i didnt even know what was going one.

  • CoCo

    I LOVED this show! You should definitely start watching… Ya, the first ep wasn’t good, but pilots rarely are. I am SO excited that it is going to come back! Even though, I thought Cashmere Mafia was better…

  • Lucy

    Not a fan of the show..but defo a fan of him!

  • Lucy

    oh by the way i agree with CoCo about Cashmere Mafia being better!

  • robin


  • Ashley

    I surprisingly liked the show, and its hard to get my attention. But lordy that man… Look on YouTube for some clips with him, there are some SERIOUSLY steamy sex scenes with him in it that make you want to jump your tv. Mangorgeous!

  • Jennifer

    He is what kept my attention on that show mmmmmmm!!! lol and actually once I gave the show a chance it was pretty good but that eye candy helps too ;)

  • LC

    I LOVE this show and was really scared it wouldn’t make it back after the first season. Kim Raver is amazing in the show. And NO WAY Cashmere Mafia was better.

  • OMG – Trent, are you saying that you ACTUALLY didn’t watch Lipstick Jungle the first season!?!?! Go d/l it now and watch Robert – yes, just Robert and his abs and pecs and occasional butt alot are more than enough reason!

  • Laura

    Trent, you must watch! Fab fashion and a shirtless Robert in every episode….YUM.

  • Keimo

    TRENT…Are you kidding me? Didn’t get a chance to watch the show so I DVR’d it. And am so glad I did. I would have been fienin’ for it every week if I watched it at the regular time. Sat at home one Saturday and watched EVERY episode from season 1 back to back. Can’t wait for Season 2! Make sure you watch it!!!

  • Julia

    TRENT!! I’m soo glad you finally hopped on the bandwagon and started posting pics of the ever-so-handsome and yummy Robert Buckley. I started watching eps of Lipstick Jungle online, and quickly fell in love w/ him. I urge you to go immediately to your friendly neighborhood Target and pick up the first season on dvd. You’ll quickly see that pictures do him no justice. :)

    btw…lovin’ the new site…it’s mighty fabulous, man!!

  • jessica

    this show is awful. the hot younger guys that Raver hook up with are the only thing this show has going for it. Its amazing that it didnt get cancelled, as it shoudl have, but you should avoid this show like the plague

  • nina

    i was super sick one day and borrowed the first season from a friend. i baked cupcakes and drank orange juice while watching the ENTIRE season in my jams.

    the clothes were actually pretty rad and robert buckley is shirtless in almost every scene he’s in (YESSS! thank you jebus.). i kind of heart the show.

    and your blog by the way! <3

  • annie

    was just watching season 2 of felicity today and this is basically just like when ben gets involved with the older woman who’s married.

    and every time i saw this guy on lipstick jungle i kept thinking of ben. these basketball pics seal the deal!

  • jan

    Cashmere Mafia > Lipstick Jungle

  • LT

    I am speechless…. how could a fantastic and sexy show featuring an all-star (UMMMM….. Blaine from 16 candles, what’s her name from 90210…. the one that married Steve Sanders, Kim rockin’ body Raver and Brooke, not to mention, the hottie brunette also from 90210 and Vegas that joined last week) cast be pulled?!?!?!?!