Liz Phair Rawks The Hiro Ballroom, Again


Last night Liz Phair played the second NYC show of her Exile In Guyville Redux Mini-Tour at the Hiro Ballroom in front of another sold out house. This time around, Liz seemed more relaxed and was deffo more spontaneous … she wasn’t quite as chatty as she was on Wednesday night but her encore performance more than made up for the lack of on-stage banter (tho, to be honest, she did banter quite a bit). Here are a few of my pictures from last night’s show:

I’m not sure if I preferred one show over the other but I really loved last night’s performance. Liz looked stunning in her hot pants ensemble and, as I mentioned, appeared much more relaxed than her show the previous night. After the jump, check out more photos from last night’s show, video from her encore performance (she performed Chopsticks, May Queen, Wild Thing and Polyester Bride — I recorded each song) and some of the stuff that she spoke to the crowd from the stage …

Here are a few more pics of Liz on stage with her band (Greg Suran, Nick Macri and Dan Leali) last night and a couple of me with my friends Marissa, Ahmad and John:

After Liz performed Never Said she gave a shout-out to Brad Wood and Casey Rice adding, “I wish they were here.” Right before she performed Fuck and Run she alerted the crowd, “Now we’re on Side 2″ and then explained her stress over the redux version of the new release — she didn’t want anything to compromise the integrity of the “double album”. After Divorce Song she exclaimed, “I feel awesome cuz I’m singing along with you guys … you should applaud yourselves.” She kissed her favorite guitar, explaining that it is “about 30 years old” and is “about to die”. It’s the guitar she submerged under Lake Michigan while shooting the video for Never Said. After she performed Flower (again with Blake Freedman) someone yelled out “HOT WHITE CUM!” referring to her song H.W.C. and she replied, “That could be us in an old folks home — HOT WHITE CUM! Verbal incontinence!” After Johnny Sunshine she polled the audience asking, “How many people bought the record when it first came out? How many used it to get over a break-up? (she raised her own hand) How many used it to get together with someone? How many have fucked listening to it? Wow! You must have a dynamic sex life!” After Strange Loop she bowed a bit and before she left the stage said, “Thank you guys … 15 years feels like a minute.”

And then came the encore … she opened with Chopsticks altho someone yelled out for May Queen … she promised to “chop thru half of it” after Chopsticks:

… but she actually played the entirety of May Queen instead of the new, untitled song she’s been doing all tour:

After May Queen someone suggested Wild Thing, so she performed that song too … midway thru it, she pulled a guy up on stage to help her finish the song:

Then she finished the show, as always, with Polyester Bride:

In one of the clips, she explained why Wild Thing got cut from the Guyville Redux release … explaining that it had to do with publishing royalties. Again, last night’s show was phenomenal. I can’t wait for her to release her new album later on this year so she can hit the road again. These NYC shows were just the coolest ever. I’ve seen Liz a few times before, these shows are deffo my faves. Enjoy the pics and vids … Liz deserves your love :)