Don’t Have A Cow, Prince Harry


Prince Harry learned this week that his princely duties are never done as he paid a visit to The Royal Norfolk County Show in Norwich, UK this week to survey the agricultural showcases that were on display at this year’s event. See, being a prince isn’t only about playing army in Afghanistan or hanging out on the polo fields … there’s also this type of important work to be had as well:

The shrieks of excited girls shattered the peace and country quiet of the Royal Norfolk agricultural show today as Harry-mania hit Norwich. The young royal was mobbed by hoards of adoring fans as he toured the agricultural showground at Costessey, Norfolk. Groups of teenage girls, children and other members of the public, all wielding cameras, fought to get close to the Prince, shouting “Harry” and asking each other “Did you see him?” More than one young girl was heard to remark: “He’s so fit.” Harry arrived at the show in a black Range Rover to cheers and applause from the waiting crowd. He was at the event to mark the centenary of the granting of the Royal Charter to the show’s organiser, the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association. He was met this morning by dignitaries and supporters of the show, including this year’s president, head of the British Army Sir Richard Dannatt. It was Sir Richard who gave the go-ahead for Harry to deploy to Afghanistan earlier this year. The Prince’s first stop this morning was the cattle buildings where he stopped off to look at examples of the Holstein and Jersey breeds. He then made his way outside where he stopped to talk to 14-year-old Robert Crawford, who is showing his Ayrshire cattle. He introduced Harry to one of his prized specimens, Marshview Marie. Robert said: “He was asking me what they judge the cattle on and I told him they’re looking at the udders and the body.” Robert’s answer prompted the Prince to take a closer look at the cow’s udders before remarking: “It’s very clean.” Accompanied every step of the way by scores of excited fans, a cool-headed Harry remained fixed on the task in hand and, after stopping to talk to a couple more farmers, he headed into the food hall where jam-maker Essence Foods presented the Prince with a selection of jam which had been hand-made in Norfolk. At a tomato stall a reluctant Harry was convinced to taste a cherry tomato which he pronounced “good”. He seemed more keen on a fish dip offered to him at a stall named The Joy of Food, grinning as he tried it. Harry made his way through the throng of people, chatting to show chairman Sir Nicholas Bacon. In the woodland area the Prince tried his hand at lathe turning. He was shown how to pedal the machine and use a chisel to make a garden dibber for planting by toolmaker Lois Beakhouse, 40, from Malvern, Worcestershire. With everyone watching, the Prince was heard to comment: “I think they’re waiting for me to make a mistake.” Ms Beakhouse said: “He was very interested in it. He genuinely seemed to enjoy it.”

Aww … how cute. I’m fairly certain that Prince Harry wasn’t all that interested in the stuff going on at the county fair but like a good prince, he faithfully went thru the motions. See, lest you think that being a member of the Royal family is all fun and games, Harry shows us that there is some hard work involved as well. I bet it’s hell scraping the cow pies off the bottom of your patent leather wingtip shoes.