Nine Inch Nails Rehearse ‘Letting You’


Trent Reznor has, once again, updated the official Nine Inch Nails website with another rehearsal video of the band performing the song Letting You … take a look:

This is the second of 3 rehearsal videos (you can watch the rehearsal video for 1,000,000 HERE) that were shot of the band performing songs off their latest release The Slip (which has been made available by Reznor as a free download … which you can get HERE) in preparation of their upcoming North American tour Lights In The Sky which kicks off in Vancouver, BC on July 25. These rehearsal videos are freakin’ awesome … they are a great way to for us to get amped for the upcoming tour. I suspect the third video will be released sometime tomorrow … stay tuned.


  • Margie

    Reharse or rehearse?

  • Kendra

    The bass player JMJ is the shit! I’m so bummed I won’t be seeing him playing with NIN this tour! Watch for the fro and be amazed!!

  • k8

    Is it me or do these blogs seem alot shorter with this new format? I liked the old way better!! Le sigh! :(

  • ds

    only a fag wud check out another (straight) guys junk

  • chris

    yeah they totally seem shorter and wheres the newslinks???

  • Shannon

    I love the new look of the site, but the posts each day seem so much shorter. I miss the newslinks.

  • Seen “Wanted” here in Malaysia at a press screening… it reeks uber-coolness, I can tell you that!
    And what’s great is that one of NIN’s song is featured in the soundtrack!