Heidi Montag Releases Her New Single ‘Fashion’


Heidi Montag has released her latest single, entitled Fashion, and US Weekly has our first listen of the track — click HERE to check it out:

Spencer Pratt tells US Weekly that this song is, “the greatest song of my life.”

In an interview with Extra TV (set to air tomorrow), Heidi reveals that she didn’t really take her music seriously when she released the single and video for Higher. Speidi also reveal that they are about to launch a social networking site that will be “bigger than My Space, bigger than Facebook“:

Reality TV queen Heidi Montag revealed to “Extra” that even SHE wasn’t a fan of the music video she and boyfriend Spencer Pratt made for her song, Higher. Montag admitted, “I didn’t really like the song. My boyfriend and I shot it in ten minutes [on the beach] as a joke and put it out, but now I’m really in a studio and I’m really doing my album and music.” Pratt told “Extra” that, “We’re about to launch our social website. It’s going be bigger than My Space, bigger than Facebook.” And, they plan to use Victoria and David Beckham as role models. Montag said, “They’re [Beckhams] great with their branding, but Speidi is going take it to another level. I mean, I definitely want to surpass both of them.” Although Montag and Pratt are the couple America loves to hate, they try to ignore the negativity. Montag commented, “I think there’s people who frown upon and hate on whatever you do, but I think you have to focus on the positive.”

I must admit, I like Fashion a lot more than I liked Higher (but I think I still like her song Body Language best of all — it has Spencer Pratt rapping on it, after all). I’m really curious to hear what a full album from Heidi will sound like … it sounds like she’s on the right track with this new song. Could Heidi Montag one day rule the charts? We may very well soon find out.

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  • Syd

    She is just naming designers and saying ohhh la la, I for one am not a fan. I am afraid to say this but I believe she is worse then Paris Hilton…. much much worse.

  • Special K

    I was always taught if I don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. So, therefore all I have to say is Heidi is one determined young lady.

  • Leah

    You abbbsolutely MUST listen to her song – Dramatic, with britney spears. Its so fricken hilarious. By far the worst song i’ve ever heard. Heidi sounds like the pop star wanna be in the movie ‘Just friends’, although its hard to hear her voice as it is because it has so many recordings going over it to make it sound better!

  • Nyssa

    I feel like she’s just trying to do what Fergie did in “Labels of Love.” Not really innovative.

  • Jenna


    You have to be kidding. Are you seriously speculating that Heidi is “on the right track”?!?!?! This is absolutely atrocious. I am honestly not even a Speidi-hater, but I felt compelled to comment. Wow that was just awful.

  • kendell

    i for one like heidi… i havnt heard this song or anything. But shes trying real hard to break in to Hollywood. Shes doing what everyother SoCal girl that wants to get into the biz does… but everyones watching her do it. Kinda sucks. She has one role, and thats to play a character on the MTV show The Hills… but besides that shes trying to break into the industry. give her a break. But i must admit. She looks pretty worn out in these pics.

  • Kim

    I’m not a big fan of Speidi, not a hater either, I’m pretty neutral. That being said, is this song serious? I am having a hard time believing that this isn’t a joke. Higher wasn’t that bad compared to this!

  • Mimi

    The new site looks good! I was a little concerned for a while when your updates weren’t really as good as they once and you were posting stuff that 10% of your readers really didn’t care about. I’m definitely going to start checking the site more!

  • I try to keep an open mind…but honestly it was waayy over the top. I have no idea what I should be listening to. It was a giant mess of various instruments laced with Heidi sounding so…forced.

    I think perhaps Trent feels compelled to be nice because Speidi actually read this blog and he see them sometimes. Personal opinion of course.

  • ella

    This girl is a joke. She really needs to just give it up.

  • s.a.r.a.h.

    itunes has 2 songs by Heidi…. “higher” and “no more”…

    please heidi, take your own advice…. NO MORE!
    No more singing, dancing, or acting…


  • Girlie Girl

    Come ON, my dear, dear Trent. I know they’re your buddies now… but man, that was bad.

    LOL! I’ll give her this. The singing didn’t suck as bad as those cheesy lyrics.

  • Star34

    Wow….that’s awful. Can we say computer manipulated? And Spencer must really love her to say what he is saying about it. It sounds like one of those late 80’s early 90’s pop songs that you hear on the radio for about 5 seconds and afterward totally forget that it ever existed. I couldn’t even listen to more than 1 minute of it before I had to turn it off. Poor Heidi. I kind of feel bad for her cause someone is telling her it sounds good.

  • Bleeding Ears

    The money spent to produce this song could have fed an entire village of real, talented, undiscovered singers for a month.

  • Jaddedkitten

    wow are you deaf this sounded like crap and that song with britney was fake

  • AJ

    Oh poor girl! I hope she’ll just give up soon… Does she really think that people will buy her album? I just really feel bad for her!

  • Lana

    I like it. I think Heidi rules. I don’t think she has a real future in the industry and her fame will die out soon (along with all the other cast members of The Hills), but this song is pretty fun.

  • ashlee

    i heard it. DID NOT LIKE IT. it was like hearing… nails on a chalkboard.

  • coco

    wow … im speechless the song is really bad. this just goes to show team laguna beach are just a bunch oh nobodys…

  • Kellene

    Wow… this is actually worse than Higher! I would rather listen to Popozao for an hour than this song once. YUCK!

  • sarahrae

    Wow wow wow wow- SO BAD!!! I don’t really dislike Heidi (Spencer is gross) and deep down I kind of wanted it to be good, but I can’t even pretend it’s sort of good. Trent- what are you hearing that we’re not?

  • Cherron

    Sorry Trent,
    Usually I agree with you on these kinds of matters, but i’m sorry, this song is Not good.
    You can’t understand what she’s saying, and the beat isn’t even remotely entertaining.
    Nothing about this song makes me want to keep listening.

  • Haizel

    i can’t believe you would actually think……forget it
    I’m not even going to argue
    but let me just say this, it’s awful
    and as a music major, my ears were literally bleeding!
    can you say, ‘synthetic’??
    SYNTHETIC! hooray

  • krys

    I couldn’t stop laughing at this song. I replayed this song 3 times just for the lols. Remember in your childhood (or maybe just mine) when you used to sing into fans for your amusement? Yeah, my 5-year-old self singing into my fan is totally greater than this chick singing. at. all. And I’m now almost twenty three.

  • Katie

    i cant stand heidi

  • nicky

    Spencer is the biggest JOKE, what a tool. Their 15 minutes is almost up tick tock… Letterman slautered him. Heidi, well it is what it is. A wanna be Pamela Anderson with bad hair, bad nose job, bad boob job and no spine. What a waste of time. Please quit Trent, Please!

  • TAG


  • Daphne

    Oh. My. Lord. I must have stopped the song about 20 seconds in cuz it was so bad!!! I’m sorry Trent, but this song is a whole lotta hosreshizz… I have great difficulty believing this girl takes herself seriously!
    Why can’t she just give it up? Just cuz she’s (in)famous, got fake boobs and long blonde hair, doesn’t mean she can do this!! It’s embarassing!
    I still love your site though, never go a day without my PITNB fix!

  • las

    Okay I guess it’s true – ANYONE can make a record.
    53 and contemplating my own recording contract. – Fat, Old Beyotch singing the blues…

  • ginae

    OMG how HORRIBLE!!!!
    *turning to puke*
    she needs to stop trying. there’s no hope for her!

  • kerry

    i know they came to the relaunch party so i hope you’re just being nice when you say the song is good.

    worst. song. ever.

    heidi, honey, just give it up. stick with the clothes line — you at least have a chance if you go that route.

  • Babs

    Oh lord the song is bad. Really bad……what’s more worrying is that Speidi think it’s awesome and will probably continue to produce more crap for us to be ‘entertained’ by. Get the hint kids, you failed with the first song, this one is just as s***.

  • Erika

    When she is paid over 100k just to show up at a club and has a voice like this, I think she should just stick to the appearances and leave the singing to someone with at least some talent. This is ridiculous.

  • Char

    OMG Trent. No way. I thought the song was a spoof, or joke at first. Poor thing. By that I mean me, because I think my ears are bleeding.

  • I

    You know that incredible feeling of embarassment you feel for people and you just want to hide for them. I fell that. I could not even get through the song. As soon as she started singing French I had to bolt. I mean after hearing this..I have a new found respect for Jessica Simpsons acting abilities!

  • Marissa

    I couldn’t even listen to the whole thing…It is BAD! How many chances is she going to get before she realizes that she is not a talented singer? She and Spencer need to find another outlet because music is NOT IT…Sorry Heidi.

  • Shannon

    Trent, I adore you. But how much are these wanna-bes paying you to say nice things?

  • Jay

    Here we go with another song name dropping designers… It’s tired. If you want to listen to a FANTASTIC song with a similar theme check out Jimmy James “Fashionista”. You can find him on Myspace. I have never watched The Hills and never plan to. But based on my devotion to this blog I know enough… Spencer Pratt?!?! “The greatest song of my life”…
    You’re life is pretty pathetic…

  • Betty Joe

    That was god awful! I stopped listening it after she started singing. She IS worse than paris hilton. Sorry heidi but u suck big time.

  • sakura


    Listen, darling.

    Obviously you have warmed up to these two over the past months…maybe they’re nice people. But, please don’t let these two use you and your (very popular) blog as a way to become ‘bigger’ than Becks and Posh.

    When you said the other week that you’d be going to Disneyland the next day and they just ‘happened’ to be there, was that just *coincidence*?

    I think they were looking for an excuse to be blogged about here, the media whores.

    Darling, don’t let them use you. It isn’t worth it.

  • JeffRob

    Congrats on the new site, and thanks for adding comments! You rock!

    Secondly, barf.

  • yo

    Heidi is so seriously, ridiculously funny. Both of them are. They are funny because they are just complete jokes.

    Trent, you must honestly be deaf if you think this song is good. I hate when bloggers are just nice to celebrities because they know them… c’mon.

    Even in the picture, Heidi is trying to look hot but she just looks like a pony with hair extensions.

    So sad because she used to be cute before the surgery.

    Spencer is the biggest douche. Social networking site bigger than facebook and myspace? um… ok.

  • Gigi

    Haha, did she sing about having ‘salad toes’? Its hard to understand the words through her rapping/european? accent. Besides the lyrics, the sound isn’t modern or representative of this day and age. I agree Trent, Body Language was by far her best single to date.

  • shanny

    Ths song is AWFUL!! I like the beat and the music but the lyrics and the voice are horrible. I would love to have heard Britney do this song- or someone who could at least sing. The pitch was off.

  • Lindsay

    Trent you are usually down to earth and what you write makes sense. However, I think ever since you met “Speidi” they have brainwashed you because that song was absolutely whore-iffic. I mean if you really enjoyed it, you may also want to listen to high-pitched screaming, nails on a chalkboard, or someone puking after a long night of drinking because those are about the equivalents.

  • lisa

    Please say you’re not serious about the song being good! you’re always right on. are you sure you’re not feeling a little under the weather.
    the song is awful….someone please make her stop.
    ….. wait a minute did she just say she “lives to be model thin” WOW…what a great message she is sending out to all the young girls.

  • Nate

    Wow, i used to love this site, but I don’t think I can come back after you just tried to justify Heidi’s song, and make her and Spencer seem ok.
    Horrible song, and horrible that this blog now caters to the lowest denominator.