Lola’s Lip Service


Okay … so I saw these pictures of Madonna’s eldest child (and only begotten daughter) Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon enjoying a night out with friends at a *gasp* Avril Lavigne concert at the O2 Arena in London a couple of weeks ago. Because I was so appalled that young Lola appears to have horrid musical tastes, I didn’t really pay close attention to the photos … until now. It seems clear that Lola is rockin’ a lip ring on her lip in these pics — the question becomes, is it a real piercing or is it a fake piercing?

My best educated guess is that the lip ring is not a real piercing because I cannot believe that Madonna would allow her 11 year old daughter to get a piercing of any kind (especially since she doesn’t allow her children to even watch TV) … altho, back in the day, when Madonna was all controversial and stuff, I’d’ve not been surprised to learn that any child of hers would be pierced and/or tattooed — at any age. But I’m getting off point. While I think it’s cute for Lourdes to try and act cool (just like every other kid), I think it’s really cute that she’s trying to look badass by wearing a lip ring at an Avril Lavigne concert. Maybe if Maddy let her kids watch more TV they’d have a better idea of what passes for “cool” cuz I’m not sure that Lola quite gets it just yet.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • LF

    Aww, the girl’s 11, give her a break. I think we all had crappy musical taste at that age.

  • Paula

    Well the comment nowadayz about watching tv to see what is cool is really uncool…i think those who do what they want to do because they think its cool are the ones who are cool….so lola doesn’t need to watch tv to be cool…besides i like avril’s music too, you’re sounding like perez hilton i don’t go to his site anymore cause he is too negative. But ya, i do like avril and i don’t see why certain blogs dislike her.

  • True dat … at 11 I was listening to El Debarge ;)

  • Sarah

    Quoting Paula…”you’re sounding like perez hilton i don’t go to his site anymore cause he is too negative.”

    HOLLA. Not cool, Trent. Way out of character.

  • schmee

    Now I could be wrong, but Lourdes seems to be growing out of her awkward stage and getting pretty. Wait 5 or 6 years and watch out.

    Not that I know anything about girls

  • garbage

    aw, no need to be mean. I listened to NKOTB when I was young. And what kid doesn’t try to be cool at 11. or 12. or however young she is. I think it’s cute. But definitely not real. I don’t know any parent that would allow their child to actually pierce their lip at 11, and I doubt Madonna would either.

  • Andra


    Perez IS mean to Avril, but come on— Avril’s musical stylings have, if anything DIGRESSED from her freshman and sophomore albums.

    She’s a married woman, but she’s still singing about “I don’t like your boyfriend” with all the sugary pop rock grit of cotton candy between the teeth.

    If you compare “In This Skin” to “Best Damn Thing”, you’d think the former was written years after the latter, when in reality if was the other way around.

    Her sound needs to grow up, just like she (and her fanbase) is.

  • Rachel

    I think it’s a bit crazy to say that Trent is as negative as Perez Hilton because he thinks Avril Levigne sucks. Whether that is true or not, he is expressing an opinion about her music and not making a personal attack on Avril herself. That is the difference between Trent and Perez. No personal attacks.. just snipey comments when they are well deserved!

    Also, Peircings on an 11 year old = weird. But I guess if it is real it’s not too crazy.. I mean, it’s temporary. She can take it out whenever she wants and she’s young so it probably won’t even leave a scar.

  • Heather

    Here’s what I think happened: Lola snuck that fake piercing out of the house and wore it to the concert, unbeknowst to Madonna. And now the tabloids are gonna get the poor kid busted. She’s a beauty – Madonna’s gonna have her hands full.

  • dd

    She looks like Britney in the second pic for some reason?!?

  • debho

    Who listens to Avril over the age of 12 or 13? Seriously, she’s bubble-gum music. My 8yo loves her!
    As for Lola’s lip ring? It could very well be real. Who knows what goes through Madge’s mind. The woman is nearly 50 and still thinks it’s cool to wear a leotard.

  • Jayne

    Oh please, who really cares? If she’d watch tv she’d know what’s “cool”? nobody knows what’s cool anymore…besides, how old are you Trent? Who gives a sh*t about “cool”…poor kid’s just havin fun.

  • Joanne

    When I was 11, I was obsessed with this British band called ‘Five Star’!

    Leave Lourdes alone – I for one do not even want to see pictures of her. She needs time to grow up. She will be harrassed enough when she is an adult. Back off this child tabloid media.

  • Amie

    I think it’s mean to snark on Lola. She’s 11!

    When my daughter was 11 I took her to see Avril. It was a good first concert–nothing dangerous, lots of singing along and dancing, etc. As a bonus for me, she had Butch Walker opening up for her and I really like his music, so it was win-win :)

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  • shaz

    she’s the spitting image of her mother!!!

  • kerry

    trent don’t diss avril! i lurve her. and i think it’s pretty cute lola punked it up and rocked the lip ring at the concert. awww!

  • Jessica

    I think Madge should get Lola’s eye brows WAXED instead of the lip ring!!! She has a unibrow. (!) Every pic I see of her that’s all I see. Do the right thing Madge!!!

  • wendell

    She is looks cute. I doubt it’s real anyway. As for Avril, I like her music too and I am an adult. It is fun, good to sing along to, and that’s what I like. Lourdes is gonig to be a knockout!!!

  • tjr1
  • lolo

    She’s the daugther of the Queen of Reinvention, we all know Madonna’s image during the last 25 years was about fake wigs, fake piercings, fake nails, fake lashes…so what if her daughter wears a fake ring???She’s begining to show that she’s going to be a reinvention girl as she has it written in her genes, xDDD

    Ánimo Lourditasssss¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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  • Girl Unimpressed

    her mom doesn’t really make great music herself so being appalled that the little one likes avril is silly. madonna is a force to be reckoned with for many reasons, there is so much to admire her for, but her musical virtuosity is not one of those things.

  • paula

    never said trent is as negative as fat bitch perez, just said he is begining to sound like him…just my point of view cause i really don’t get why most blogs seem to hate her, i haven’t seen her do anything wrong but spit on papz (I would to if they were following me around and asking for poses so they can make money off of me) and like i said, i don’t mind her current album, it”s fun and now her concerts have mixed up of songs like, fun songs, accoustic and fast songs so i do like it and i am over 12

  • angy

    I have seen other Lola’s pics and I think that now her upper lip is fuller (enhanced?). She’s 11 but i think she’s growing fast