Firefox Sets A New World Record


After hitting a bit of a snag right at the appointed 10am PT launch time, Mozilla managed to successfully launch the third version of their popular Firefox web browser at 11am PT yesterday and went on to serve over 8 million downloads of the software. They are hoping that the good folks at Guinness World Records will certify this as a new world record (one that has never been previously certified):

Mozilla on Tuesday released an improved version of its Firefox web browser that has gained popularity as a free alternative to Microsoft’s ubiquitous Internet Explorer. Mozilla said Firefox 3 promises Internet surfing that is fast, secure, and easy to customize because it is designed to adapt to people’s online activities. The company claimed the new Firefox version, available in 50 languages, is at least twice as fast as its predecessor and boasts “15,000 improvements” including malware protection. “We’re really proud of Firefox 3 and it just shows what a committed, energized global community can do when they work together,” Mozilla chief executive John Lilly said in a release. The Mozilla Foundation is a nonprofit organization that builds and refines public, open-source software in a collaborative manner with input from engineers around the world. Mozilla is rallying devotees to help it set a Guinness World Record for the largest number of software downloads in 24 hours. But interest in the Mountain View, California, organization’s new-generation browser was so intense before its release Tuesday that traffic to the Mozilla website caused it to crash. Free downloads of Firefox 3 commenced at after the problem was fixed. Firefox 3 is available free for computers using Windows, Linux, and Macintosh OSX operating systems. Since its initial launch in 2004, Firefox has spread to more than 175 million users and 230 countries, according to Mozilla. Mozilla was originally a web navigator code name at defunct Internet firm Netscape when it dominated the Internet browser world more than a decade ago. Netscape eventually was eclipsed by Internet Explorer, and the company was bought in 1998 by America Online and reduced to brand status. The Mozilla Organization was established in 1998 to complete the free, open-source software project and it registered as a nonprofit foundation in July of 2003.

The folks at Microsoft cheered on the Firefox 3 launch by sending over a congratulatory cake to the Mozilla folks yesterday …

… which I thought was pretty dope of them to do. I’ve been a fan of Firefox since it came out in 2004 (I was even on Team Netscape back in the day) so I’ve been playing with Firefox 3 since it came out as a beta version (it is deffo my browser of choice). Even still, I downloaded the software yesterday just to be part of the world record attempt:

This does all sound a bit nerdy, but I spend a considerable amount of my days (every day, in fact) on the computer and Firefox makes my web browsing experience much easier and more stable (which is key when you’re blogging … crashing browsers make you lose all your work, which can easily drive a person insane). I hope that the Guinness folks give them the world record … they’ve worked really hard to set this new standard.

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  • la

    I, too, downloaded it yasterday and I love it!

  • la


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  • garbage

    crap I didn’t even realize there was a new release… off to go download ..

  • Firefox is the BEST BROWSER! IE is ridiculously bad when it comes to being compliant with internet standards. It’s bloody annoying.

    I actually downloaded RC3 a week or so ago just before they announced the record attempt, but I did download the installation program anyway :P

  • Firefox is the best browser. Dont use explorer

  • MP

    I absolutely LOVE the tag feature of the bookmarks. It makes it so much easier to find what I’m looking for. The Fox rocks.