The Tone-y Award


Daaaaaayum! It looks like all those trips to various Bally’s Total Fitness gyms all over SoCal weren’t just for show. Britney Spears, who spent her Father’s Day weekend in Las Vegas, NV with her Papa Jamie Spears, showed up at the “clothing optional” Bare pool lounge (opting to wear clothing) at the Mirage Hotel & Casino lookin’ like a million bucks — new hair extensions and all!!! From the sound of it, Britney had herself a great weekend with her pops:

What a difference a few months makes. In February, Britney Spears wouldn’t even talk to her father, Jamie Spears, as he attempted to wrest control of her downward-spiraling life. And now, after inching ever-closer back to a normal life, the pop star and her pop spent the weekend together in Las Vegas for Father’s Day, where Brit-Brit took in some exotic wildlife. According to a source inside Vegas’ Mirage Hotel & Casino, where Brit and dad were holed up for the holiday, the singer spent her afternoon in Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage. “She swam side by side with the dolphins at the resort in a private pool,” says the insider. “Later she gushed over Siegfried & Roy’s six-week old tiger cubs in their special nursery at the Secret Garden taking pictures of the cubs with a female friend.” The singer was so enamored, she even stopped by the habitat’s gift shop to pick up a plush tiger and plush lion, perhaps for her boys back in L.A. After her swim with the dolphins, Brit had her stylist Kim Vo and his team of assistants re-do her extensions. Then, insiders say she checked out the tops-optional Bare pool lounge — though no one’s saying if Brit, who was wearing a super-short blue sundress, did any showing off of her ample bosom. “She was all smiles,” one witness tells OK!. “Glowing and looking totally fresh and healthy.”

Yes, indeed, what a difference a few months makes … but it also goes to show that removing dangerous people from her life also makes a huge, positive difference as well. I am just so happy that Britney finally healed the rift that existed between her and her family and wisened up enough to let them help her sort out her messy life. I’m utterly convinced that Britney was being controlled (either by manipulation or by drugs or both) by scurrilous leeches in her life who contributed to her downward spiral. Consider, Sam Lutfi, her cousin Alli Sims and former photog Adnan Ghalib (who used to be by her side constantly) haven’t been allowed near Britney for months … and in that time she has won back visitation rights with her children, has made 2 successful appearances on prime time TV and has started looking healthier than she has looked in months … perhaps years. She finally has the real chance to win her life back and she is showing that she is serious about staying stable and is serious about making a return to form. Ex-hubby Kevin Federline may have sojourned to Las Vegas to pick up an award from a nightclub but Britney made her way to Vegas to attain something more precious … an amazing weekend with the man who, quite possibly, saved her life — her father.

[Photo credit: TMZ, Source]

  • i think that its a good thing that Britney is finally becoming more mature and clean, not trashy. good for her :D

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  • Catherine

    Punisher, you’re on crack. Britney’s bubble gum pop of the late 90s/early 2000s have made history. I promise you we will be hearing “Baby One More Time” and “Oops! I Did It Again” on oldies radio stations decades from now. Jamie Lynn may have been riding on Britney’s coattails to arrive to her fame, but that doesn’t make her any less talented. Otherwise she wouldn’t have landed her own Nick sitcom.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Very well put Trent. I one hundred precent agree. I am happy she is back and I am glad she is happy again. I use to loath our dear brittney but her new found happiness makes me happy!! OMG, I am not a robot after all!! YEAAAAA

  • Kayla

    I’m glad everything is working out for Britters. It’s sad how quick people are to judge and make fun of her when she was down :(
    She’s the one who is laughing now….
    Fame, health, 2 little boys and at least she will go down in history unlike a lot of condescending jerks out there!!!

  • Ricardo

    OMG! She looks extremely hot!
    Love her!

  • TAG

    Nice!! Britney is hella cool!! I’m glad to see her looking/doing so good

  • heyhey

    Amen to the last line, Trent. If anyone deserves HUGE props this past Father’s Day, it was Papa Spears. I can’t speak to his influence (or lack thereof) in her upbringing, but thank god he stepped in now. I’m the first to admit I’m not a fan, but my shadenfreud(?) pretty much ended when she was being hauled away for psych-watch it was clear this girl was very, very lost and out of control.

    And now the only thing she’s lost is her pants, as that is CLEARLY just a long top she’s wearing.

    I keed, go on with your toned self, Brit.

  • heyhey

    Uh “*deserved* props”, and “*are* her pants”. Clearly I’ve temporarily lost my grammar skills.

  • loves pink

    she looks thick as ever. never looked terrible but just thick and too muscular. nothing has changed.

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