Becks Is A Good Sport

"Becks Is An Athletic Supporter" also works

Earlier this morning, we saw pics of David Beckham with his son Brooklyn Beckham at Game 5 of the NBA Finals at the Staples Center in downtown LA, last night … but here are a couple pics of Becks before he made his way to the game. Becks was snapped walking thru LAX airport while proudly wearing a LA Dodgers baseball cap … in addition to his LA Galaxy warm-up suit … as he was making his way to cheer on and support the LA Lakers at the Staples Center:

Yep, I think that David Beckham is bucking for the title of the #1 Fan of All LA Sports Teams. We’ll have to see if his devotion carries on as we move into football and then hockey season later on this year but thus far, he gets my vote.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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  1. DDC

    There’s no LA football team :)

  2. Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I am going to throw this out there and quite possible lose my head in the process…He looks like SHIT in these pictures. He doesn’t look good, he looks gross. Sorry becks but you don’t have it here. I know you still do but just not today!

  3. Weedy McStoned

    No football team in LA Trent. As long as Al Davis is alive, there never will be.

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    And thanks for the pics of Becks (and posh, previous post…)

    Most excellent

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