Ashlee And Pete Go To The Movies


While the happy and in love Jessimo spent part of their weekend at the grocery store, newlyweds Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz spent part of their weekend at the movies (looks like the Arc Light theater) checking out the new M. Night Shyamalan travesty The Happening. Here are a couple pics of the couple as they made their mad dash thru the theater lobby:

From what I understand, The Happening is just a horribly bad movie of epic proportions. Steph and Alek saw the film and, altho they thought the concept was intriguing, felt the movie suffered from poor acting, poor writing and poor directing. Sounds about right for an M. Night Shyamalan movie. That man lost me for good when he put out Lady in the Water so I have zero interest in seeing this film. I shant risk spoiling the concept for those of you who (at your own peril) still might want to see this movie … but if and when you see it, remember that I tried to warn you. I say, go see The Incredible Hulk instead … it’s a brills superhero movie worthy of your time and money. I dunno who was responsible between Ashl33n for picking the movie this weekend but I suspect they won’t be doing the movie picking for the rest of their marriage.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • emmie21

    Is it weird that I actually think these two are cute together but by themselves they are kind of annoying?

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  • TAG

    Ugh!! I hate them!!

  • el

    I saw the Hulk a few nights ago. I didn’t really like it, to be honest. It wasn’t bad really, just, I don’t know, too heartbreaking in a way. I loved Ironman though, which I thought I wouldn’t, it was slick and RDJ was great for the role. The Happening is not going to happen for me, even though I love Zooey D. He lost me too, with Lady in the Water, which I actually thought it might be cool. Man was I wrong. He’d better suited for writing novels, he should try one.

  • I saw the happening last night.

    I thought it was good.

    It’s the kind of movie that makes you say WTF? at the end. lol.

    as for ash and pete.


  • Sheri

    I think M Nights stuff requires a certian taste. Becuase I loved lady in the water. And Im a super big m night fan. There are alot of his fans out there and I do hope he continues his work.

  • Sheri

    Sorry about the spelling typed to fast.

  • Faby

    Hi…first of all…I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!, I don’t see a lot of TV so you keep me informed about the celebrities (and also about the wannabes…hehe)…I liked The Happening, I thought it’s fine, not great like Sixth Sens or Signs…

    Anyway I’m just a big fan of your blog…saying Hi and hoping you’re fine…ok???? BYE

  • Jeni

    That’s really funny because I came out of seeing The Happening saying “We should’ve seen The Hulk!”. True story. ;)

  • g vilz

    no way
    i love these two , this is actually the kind of guy ash always dated and loves and i think they are cute and good for eachother