Lindsay Lohan Does Arena Magazine


Lindsay Lohan is featured in the July issue of the British magazine Arena … here are a few pics from her photospread:

Linds is lookin’ pretty fierce in these pics. It’s not easy to pull off harsh yellow eyeshadow. The clothes are from the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer collection this year and they look good on her. I’ve been loving all of L. Lo’s recent photoshoots and I am excited that she’s signed on to film more appearances on Ugly Betty (despite pulling her name out of Emmy contention this year, following in Katherine Heigl’s footsteps, because her one TV cameo this year was too short). I’m hopeful that Lindsay’s new movie, Labor Pains, turns out to be a goodie (or, at least worth seeing without considering suicide afterwards — I Know Who Killed Me, I’m talking to you), she’s been on the right track for months now … I’d love to see her success continue.


  • aureliexxx

    she actually looks like megan fox on the top photo…. no??,

  • i love her.
    she looks amazing.
    and i want her to be successful again.

  • any

    she does looks pretty… and i really wish she would change her hair color dark!

  • Amy

    I think she looks good. Usually she looks mad in her pics…but these look good.

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  • Lauri

    wow, these are great pics!

  • Taylor

    I love Lindsay and I think she look amazing in these photos. She’s been doin some great spreads lately.

  • She looks fabbo!

  • Keimo

    I LOVE LINDSEY and always will. I love her more now that I have been watching “Living Lohan”. People are just so critical of stars that they don’t realize that they are people too and are imperfect. They just have more money than the average person. I feel so bad for her and Britney. They came from nothing and their talent put them in a place that they are not used to…can we get some sympathy? HOWEVER….there is no excuse for the Paris Hiltons’ of the world who were born into money….I definitely have NO SYMPATHY for them. : )

  • She looks beautiful and her dress is just great match with the newspaper.


  • Kate

    My boyfriend and I now gauge a movie’s failure against a relativerly new low-bar, i.e.: “…it was BAD – almost I Know Who Killed Me bad!” LOL Still, I am looking forward to forward to Lindsay’s movies. The gal’s definitely got something great going on for her! These photos are wonderful – thanks for sharing, Trent! :)

  • TAG

    She always take good pictures! I love my some Lindsay!

  • yeah.. I think she looks like Megan Fox. She’s amazingly different here.. =)

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