Wedding Announcement


Joel Madden, of Good Charlotte, updated his blog with a new post today of a picture of a wedding cake and the following information: WE DID IT!! NICOLE AND I FINALLY GOT MARRIED!! click here for the pictures!! CHECK OUT MY BLOG FOR A PICTURE OF ME AND MY BEAUTIFUL BRIDE. ALL I CAN SAY IS I AM SO VERY HAPPY…….

Which of course had me checking out his blog to find out what the hell was going on.

And, naturally, the prankster was just kidding around:

So i feel really stupid even posting this, but i’ve been getting calls and texts from my family all week asking me why they weren’t invited to my wedding. I guess the only answer i could give them was that i didnt know we were having one. So i just found out that star magazine wrote some story about a 2 MILLION dollar wedding we are supposed to be having, and thats where it came from.

Click HERE to head on over to Joel’s official blog to read the post in its entirety and to check out the sexy wedding photo he posted of him and Nicole Richie.


  • Weedy McStoned

    How does Bonnie Fuller still have a job? She gets so many stories wrong lately.

  • Brenna

    I INSTANTLY knew this story was false. The cake was the clue! Like Nicole would EVER have a cake that wasn’t dripping in diamonds, lace, gold, platinum, and what was it she was saying about ELEPHANTS when she was engaged to DJ AM? Her cake would have a banner that says, “I’m better than you, BITCHES!”

  • Carmen

    way to make me feel like BOOM heart attack. lol
    Joel is awesome thought so LOVE HIM!

  • ahahahahahaha

    i loooooooove joeleh.

  • Matil

    yep that scared me for a moment.
    typical joel.

    loves. it.


  • That is pretty funny!!! I like his positive attitude about the false stories

  • lis

    is there any point of putting ‘Joel Madden from Good Charlotte’ these days? Good Charlotte stopped making any decent music a long time ago, and now he’s more famous for dating and knocking up some socialite.

  • Megan

    Haha, my heart stopped for a few seconds. Love him <33333333

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  • katie

    to LIS:
    well he’s from good charlotte, they still make music, still have a lot of fans, deal with it.

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