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While Kevin Federline made his way to Las Vegas to receive a Father of the Year award from PrivĂ© nightclub, Britney Spears (who also made her way to Sin City this weekend) spent her time in town relaxing with her father, Papa Jamie Spears, in celebration of Father’s Day. Even tho Brit Brit and K-Fed are both in Las Vegas this weekend, I suspect that never the twain shall meet:

Although Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were in Las Vegas on Friday, the former couple managed to navigate the social scene without running into each other. While Spears, 26, relaxed and sipped water in a cabana at the Cinevegas party at the Palms Place, Federline drank Jack Daniels at Strip House only a few miles away. And while Spears’s night ended early, her ex kept the party going past 3 a.m. at Prive Las Vegas, where he was honored as “Father of the Year” … Spears, celebrating Father’s Day weekend with her dad Jamie, ate fresh fruit and sunned herself for three hours Friday at the newly opened Palms Place pool. Later, she began her night with a low-key dinner with a friend and a member of her security staff at the Palms restaurant Nove, where she feasted on an artichoke dish. After donning a short black cocktail dress, the singer attended the Cinevegas party with her father, Palms hotel owner George Maloof and his business associate Jon Gray. In a private cabana, Spears showed little emotion as she sipped water and chatted with her group for two hours. Spears is reportedly staying the weekend in Las Vegas, while Federline is expected to head back to Los Angeles on Saturday to spend Father’s Day with his children, including his sons with Spears, Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1.

Well, I guess Spederline prolly thought it best that they enjoy separate weekends despite the fact that they are both in Vegas at the same time. I’m not sure what the relationship is between Britney and Kevin at this point in their lives (they rarely see each other in person, the kids get handed off between parents by way of bodyguards and nannies). I would imagine that they are friendly but it looks like they aren’t friendly enough to enjoy one another’s company while on vacation. Meh, as long as Britters is enjoying herself with her father and K-Fed is happy with his trophy … that’s all that really matters.

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