On The Road Again


Lance Armstrong squeezed his biz back inside his tight little spandex shorts and got back on his bike to raise money for cancer research in Toronto, Canada today. Here are a couple pics of Lance from today’s ride that made its way thru parts of Canada earlier today:

The seven time Tour de France winner and cancer survivor will be cycling the back roads of the [Waterloo] region along about 40 select riders. Those riders will be paying for the privilege. The registration fee is $1,500 and participants need to raise at least $25,000. RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie is one of them, he’s raised 35-thousand in pledges already. Ian Cook of Cook Homes will also be riding along. He tells 570 News, he decided to join because it’s a good cause and a rare opportunity. Today’s event will benefit the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre and the Odette Cancer Centre at Toronto’s Sunnybrook hospital.

I had forgotten how well Lance fills out those spandex tighties … it’s been ages since I’ve seen him on top of anything other than Kate Hudson. Remember the summer that the Trifecta comprised of Lance Armstrong, Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey spent so much time in spandex outfits, going for bike rides all over SoCal, raisin’ hell along the way? Ahh … those were some good times. Now, Matthew can’t even be bothered to work-out shirtless anymore, Jake will no longer dream of scratching his butt without Reese Witherspoon’s approval and Lance, well, at least Lance is back in the spandex … and for such a good cause! I can see how it’s totally worth donating $1,500 bucks for cancer research just to ride with Lance Armstrong. Good for him for using his spandex for such a good cause.

  • Danielle

    that comment about Kate Hudson…I almost spat pop all over my laptop…you are too funny Trent! lol

  • lgjfkg

    Toronto isn’t in Waterloo region, just so ya know