New Arrival


Here are a few photos that were snapped, presumably, on the set of Lindsay Lohan’s new movie Labor Pains (currently filming in cities all over The Valley here in SoCal) which feature a new book that will either really be “released” in the film or, as a better guess, will be used in a dream sequence in the film … check it out:

Heh … looks cute. I’m really hoping that this new movie is a return to Lindsay’s comedic form (a la Mean Girls) and doesn’t turn out to be another lemon (like pretty much every movie she’s made since Mean Girls). I have faith that Linds has more hits up her sleeve … I just want her to start unleashing them before folks stop caring.

  • I’d buy this as a coffee table book, they should release it in the real world.

    You looked fab on E, Trent.

  • Oscar

    I so agree with you trent. I hope linz will be able to make a come back pretty soon. Have you seen or heard anything about her leggins?

  • I have to laugh at Lindsay’s face on that book cover. Like a “Wtf I’m pregnant” look.

  • MontanaMama

    Linds’ last few movies have been horrible, but can it really be all her fault? She’s a 21 y/o uneducated, horribly parented, alcoholic, drug addicted, 3 rehab in 1 year attempting, semi-closeted lesbian “actress”. She can’t be responsible for all the ills – esp. since Georgia Rules had a Fonda and a Housewife (acting pinnacles!)

  • I haven’t seen that many of her movies, but I thought Lindsay did a fabulous job on Bobby. That movie gave me hope of her as an actress.

  • Joanne

    LL has really grown on me as an actor. It’s not her fault if a film doesn’t work out. Even actors at the top of their game have made some really bad movie choices. LL’s so young – she will do some great work in the future.