They’re Gonna Need A New Word For Gaudy


Life and Style magazine is reporting that Michael Jackson is teaming up with Christian Audigier to collaborate and design a new line of clothing together … cuz, you know, Christian Audigier’s usual designs aren’t quite gaudy enough:

Michael Jackson, 49, whose unique fashion sense ranges from sequined gloves to surgical masks, is working on a new clothing line with Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier. “It’s still in the developing stages, but it’s going to be big,” an insider tells Life & Style. “This will be a major comeback for Michael. He’s dedicating a lot of his time and money to this venture.”

Dear Gods, this line of clothing will be absolutely and gloriously hideous! I must admit, there are some Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier designs that I *kinda* like … not all of it, but some of the stuff is kitschy enough to look good … but I’m not counting on anything from the Michael Jackson collection to fall into this category. Alls I know is that they better be bringing back the sequined glove — at least! 80’s retro is so hot right now (as you may have noticed with all the neon stuff popping up everywhere), I think it’s time to rock the sequined glove and red leather jacket covered in zippers again … who’s with me? Cuz, if no one else is with me, then I’ll be the only fool wearing this shizz … me and Michael Jackson ;) [Source]

  • Amber

    can’t wait – that would be an interesting combo thats for sure.

  • Kendell

    i cant wait to see it. its going to make a kick arse runway show!

  • kara

    ….oh, my God.

  • CkayM

    Lolllllllll, I wanna see which famous people will wear this stuff in public. I’m excited!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I can see it now…I bet MJ’s shirts are covered with young boys froliking at the beach, the park or in pajamas! Sorry people, I had to go there:)!

  • Tammy

    I love Christian Audiger…but MJ….this could be scary.

  • Erik

    Maybe there will be a line of children’s clothing too! Move over Baby Gap, its Baby Jacko!

  • JAVI

    100% WITH YA HOME SLICE!!!

  • Craig

    People should start getting a life and leave Michael Jackson alone. I think he has more than any of you with the smelly cheese attitudes anyway. And despite what you say about Christian Audiger, he probably ahs more artist talent than the lot of you grumblers put together. Give them a chance and jump off your arm chairs and do something better!

  • Craig

    I meant to say ‘has’ instead of ‘ahs’…see even I am not better than them!