Lindsay Lockin’ Lips Again


Lindsay Lohan was snapped earlier today mackin’ on some dude in Encino, CA … check it out:

HMMM … is this a new love interest? An old love interest? A dude she met randomly on the street on her way to Starbucks?

Actually, Lindsay was snapped smoochin’ with the co-star in her new movie Labor Pains. Filming for this new movie has been all over the valley this week … they started out in Glendale and then made their way to Sherman Oaks and again moved on to Encino. While Linds raised eyebrows and set tongues wagging the last time she was snapped kissing someone this time around she’s just workin’ … like a good girl should. [Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • JoeyGirl

    who is that actor?

  • Lauri

    So her and what’s her face are dunzo???

    Or did I just miss that?
    I think I give up on keeping up with this gal.

  • Lauri


    totally need to actually read the post.

    apologies for being a tard. :)

  • Taylor

    I loves me some Lindsay and I’m happy to see she’s actually in production for a movie. I like the idea of this movie, I know I’ll like it already!

    P.S. – Love the new site!! Congrats!! Where are the party pictures?!

  • T

    I am pretty sure that is Luke Kirby. He is on that HBO show Tell Me You Love Me (where he is completely in the buff) and he was also on the Canadian series Slings and Arrows. He was Rachel McAdams love interest on the first season of that show.

  • CkayM

    Who is the guy tho? I never seen him before

  • Matil

    She sorta looks somewhat scary on the photo on the left. lol BIG YAY FOR MOVIE! She always surprises me with her acting I think she is much better than most give her credit for

    heheh! my first comment on the new site. EXCITEMENTT!

    <3 xxx

  • Susan

    Oh, no, you’re truncating your posts! How horrible. I hate having to click to read entire posts, and you should know that most blog readers feel the same way. Sorry, but it’s true. I’ll likely never click through. Then, I’ll stop reading, eventually. That’s how it happens. : (

  • elale

    gotta tell you, I love the revamp but I hate having to “click here” to read your post. that’s so perez of you, trent!

  • Come On

    Lindsay was just filming scenes for her movie.

    Samantha Ronson just spun at your party dude, have some respect for her relationship with Lindsay.

  • Mimi

    Trent please don’t turn into Perez :( Don’t make us click to read your posts! Pleeease :)

  • Shaphty

    Slings & Arrows is good, highly recommended.

  • zaffer

    Love that we can comment now, hate the click-thru’s!

  • Hannah

    Got to agree with the “click here to read more”. Very frustrating and will prevent me from clicking therefore reading the blog.

  • Stephen

    I read this posting twice before I saw the click-through… I agree with the others, but even Perez doesn’t truncate a single posting… I just don’t get the purpose.

    Having said that, congrats with the new site, but the pink stripes on the border hurts my eyes. Wow, bitchbitchbitch!

  • ant

    doesn’t internet advertising work on a “pay per click” basis? so all of us having to click to read the rest of a post = more $$

    but i do love the new look though

  • Flea

    I agree with the others Trent – the new site is wonderful, but I HATE the ‘click to read more’ thing. It’s really a pain.

  • I

    It’s funny cause in the first pic it’s like she looks uncomfortable, 2nd she’s trying to get away and 3rd she’s holding up the one second finger as if to say “Um hello I only making out with girls now”

  • kerry

    i’m gonna guess the point of having to click to read more is just to tease us. kinda like how on the old site you’d have to click on the picture of the hairy armpit just to see which female celeb it belonged to. at least, i hope that’s why. i agree w/the rest, i’m hoping it’s not something that’s going to be happening w/every post.

    on a side note, i don’t think linds and samantha are an actual item. i think they’re close friends who love the speculation about their relationship. wouldn’t be the first time girls played the lesbian card for attention.

  • vinn

    got agree with the others—please eliminate all the “click here” to read more…anoying…lover your site revamp though…nothin but love

  • Sarah

    i cant believe tim russert is dead! he was an amazing news reporter and i was so surprised to read it! its so sad. ;(

    p.s. Princess Zakiya’s pic of the moment is very cute


  • Linny

    I’m pretty sure this is a love scene being shot on the set of her new movie… Sambo is still in full swing!!! *wink, wink*

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  • Rosa

    agree with above – clicking to read post is irritating.

  • doodieeater

    i would eat her diareaa