A Casual Visit


The entire Beckham brood spent part of their Wednesday afternoon chillin’ at the Happiest Place on Earth. Becks and Vicki B. packed up the kiddies (Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz) and made their way down to Anaheim, CA for a family day visit to Disneyland! While this information isn’t all that Earth-shattering, I think many of y’all will be very surprised to know that VB, Posh Spice herself, not only dressed down and hit the park in a pair of baggy jeans … but she also decided to wear flat shoesflip-flops, y’all! Here are a few pics of the fam making their way thru (what looks to be) Adventureland at Disney:

Photo credit: Splash News

If it wasn’t for the sunglasses and the scowl, you’d be forgiven for not recognising Victoria Beckham. The former Spice Girl traded in her signature skinny trousers for a rather manly pair of baggy jeans while on a family trip to Disneyland. Posh looked like she’d raided her husband’s wardrobe, teaming the loose-fitting denim with a cleavage-covering black t-shirt. And for once, practicality overruled fashion in the footwear department, with Posh resigning herself to a pair of flip flops instead of her signature six-inch heels. The jeans proved a particularly unusual choice, considering Posh has spent months promoting her own dVb brand of slim-line denim both in the US and UK … And now it seems not even Posh is a fan of her own trademark look. She was joined by her husband David and sons Brooklyn, nine, Romeo, seven, and Cruz, three, but six hours in the Californian sun was too much for the littlest Beckham, who was soon fast asleep.

I love it! I can’t believe it, but I love it. Now, I have no idea where she got that outfit from (my guess is that she borrowed it from one of her many, many servants [possibly, the gardener]) but I totally dig that she’s able to dress down and go casual every once in a while … er, well, every once. I’d be surprised if we ever saw her in this outfit every again tho (it’s prolly been burned already) so enjoy it while you can :) [Source]

  • kerry

    hell has officially frozen over.

    i’m starting to like posh more and more.

  • Natallica

    2nd. HA!!

  • Perez

    The new site SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shannon

    I think Posh looks great and I’m a big fan of hers!

  • bri

    loved the old site but this new one is looking pretty damn good.

    i love how people freak over VB’s flats. outfits like this used to be the only thing she wore 2/3 yrs ago with her Tims. and she’s worn flip flops a couple times even after moving to LA so its really not as big a deal as people make it out to be.

  • Boris

    I like the new site, but I’d never let anyone leave comments for fear of becoming Perez Hilton. They’re so evil over there.

  • Kate

    Bitch stole my look!

  • Kendell

    I love it. I think she looks great. She looks like a cool mom. and not just an uber posh model/singer/soccer wife. i love that her boobs arent popping out. very appropriate…

  • Brandi

    I am like her in the sense that I wear high heels 99% of the time and I always dress up – so I was shocked to see her dress like a boy almost. I guess it just shows that when you look good, you look good. I’m ALMOST impired to change it up every once in a while also – almost. Of course I doubt I ca carry it as well as she does.

  • Tonya

    She must be having a fat day LOL jk!

    I love her any way I can get her

  • Kaitie

    i wonder if the jeans are dVb men’s..

  • Daron

    I think she looks adorable! She has a cute peddie! I <3 her.

  • Ems

    Posh looks like a normal person!!! Love it!

    Love the new site, Trent. It looks very clean and professional.

  • flowa

    Love her she looks great and i cant believe that article about her not wearing her own line of jeans so she must not like her own denim!! Journalists are so ridiculous she never gets a break does she???

    Anyway she looks hot and nice site trent

  • ella-marie

    Congrats on moving!! This new site is oh-kay… I like the neat and crisp look of it, all except for the pictures on the right. They are just smaller… haha

    will need some time getting used to! have yourself a wonderful day ahead trent! xoxo.

  • Sydney

    She borrowed those shoes, there’s no way they actually belong to her, LOL.

  • Beth

    Aww I love VB! <333 She is always fabulous, and looks ADORABLE here! Awww at little Cruz conked out lol :)

  • Amalia

    Me Gusta verla comoda … espero que siga asi… se ve muy bien compartiendo con sus hijos de manera natural.

  • Kelly

    Not loving the sight too much. Where’s your personal touch at the end?? Your page just ended… We need Trent Lurve!!!!

  • KatieFeldmom

    He couldn’t have waited until next week when I go????

  • Ashlee

    i think she looks great!
    a nice change from her normal immaculate and high fashion way of dressing…its good to see that she can look like a mum too!
    and atleast with the flats shes gving her feet a rest…it must hurt like a bitch to have those bunions!

  • Cath

    HA HA HA I am still LOLing at Kate’s “Bitch stole my look!” comment! :D

  • trish

    I was at Disneyland on Wednesday and I didn’t see them ANYWHERE!
    There wasn’t even any one talking about it, we were there all day and nothing!
    Figures, my first big trip to LA and Im in the same place but I still miss them.

  • Jessica

    I’m sure you’ve already heard this, but just wanted to tell you that the new layout for this website is veryy P-R-E-T-T-Y!!

  • Joanne

    I think Victoria’s pregnant – she always dresses casual like this during her pregnancies. She tends to embrace her jeans … hmmm