And Now For ‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘Friends’ Mashup The World Has Been Waiting For

'The Walking Dead' meets 'Friends'
The zombies may get you down, but you've got friends!

You were waiting for it, right? Oh good. Well wait no more, because the internet has finally brought us The Walking Dead credits in the style of the Friends opening we all love so much. And weirdly enough, all the lyrics still kinda work. I mean, the Friends theme song is all about how life sucks, but you’ll always have friends who are there for you. Well, in the land of The Walking Dead, life really does suck. But luckily, Norman Reedus will always be there to save the day. I know, I know, other people are there as well, but come on, #DarylDixon4Evr. So I’m thinking next season this needs to be the new official intro. If nothing else it’ll give you a giggle before The Walking Dead scares the shit out of you and destroys your soul. 

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Watch Billy Eichner Try To Figure Out Who Actually Knows What Chris Pratt Looks Like

Chris Pratt on 'Billy on the Street' Billy Eicher Chris Pratt Lightning Round
"It's Josh Duhamel! Yes it's exciting!"

Or it might be more accurate to say who Chris Pratt even is! With Billy on the Street back on truTV, we are being treated once again to Billy Eichner‘s signature hilarity, this time featuring the always adorable Chris Pratt. We can all agree that Chris is pretty much the hottest movie star on the planet right now, correct? He’s starring in everything, he’s be hailed as the next true movie star–he’s a pretty big deal. But does your average person know what a big deal he is, let alone know what Chris Pratt looks like? The answers may surprise you. Billy and Chris ran all around New York trying to get people to recognize Chris to no avail. I’m a big fan of the person who called him Liam and the lady who called him Chris Evans. Check out the clip above and prepare to laugh. Would you recognize Chris Pratt if he randomly accosted you on the street? I mean, I would. Then I would ask him back to my place…just to hang out! He can even bring wife Anna Faris. I bet they’re fantastic at a dinner party. 

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Kanye West Really, REALLY Loved ‘The Walk’ You Guys

Kanye West can’t stop raving about how much he liked The Walk. You know what that means right? If Kanye liked the movie, then we’ll definitely like it. Okay no, maybe not. But we do agree with him this time. After watching the film (and feeling truly inspired) the rapper took to Twitter with high praise. The best part? The movie’s star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, replied to the tweet. More »

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Les News, 101215

Champagne Bong
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  • Hugh Jackman is 47, Josh Hutcherson is 23, Brian J. Smith is 34, Tyler Blackburn is 29, Kirk Cameron is 45, Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory) is 36, Chris Wallace is 68, Adam Rich (Eight is Enough) is 47, Hiroyuki Sanada is 55 and Deborah Foreman is 53. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Watch Amy Poehler Channel Her Inner Bette Midler And Sing ‘The Rose’ With Jack Black

Amy Poehler and Jack Black at Festival Supreme The Rose Bette Midler
She's like Bette Midler meets Janis Joplin

Are you prepared to love Amy Poehler even more than you already do? Oh good! The comedian/actress/all around awesome human being showed off some amazing vocal chops this weekend as she and Jack Black hit the stage together for Tenacious D‘s Festival Supreme in Los Angeles. Doing her best lady rocker impression, Amy channeled her inner Bette Midler for the song “The Rose,” and even changed the ending slightly as a joke for two of the audience members. (This used to be my signature song, so this amuses me even more.) As Entertainment Weekly pointed out, Amy has been pretty obsessed with Bette for awhile, telling Vulture, “I first met Bette Midler in my head when I watched the film The Rose in 1979. And since then, her and I have been best friends, in my head.” Check out the performance above to see just how great she and Jack are together. I’m sure that Bette Midler would approve.

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Congratulations Janet Jackson! ‘Unbreakable’ Is Officially Her Seventh No. 1 Album

Janet Jackson 'Unbreakable'

See this? This is how you release an album after six years and remind the world, “Yes, I am the best around.” Music megastar Janet Jackson has plenty to celebrate right now, as her new album Unbreakable debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. This is Janet’s seventh album to debut at No. 1, joining the ranks of Discipline (2008), All For You (2001), The Velvet Rope (1997), janet. (1993), Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989) and Control (1986). Seven number ones also means that Janet has the third most No. 1 albums of any female artist, just behind Barbra Streisand, who has ten, and Madonna, who has eight. Claps all around for Janet! More »

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Britney Spears Teases ‘Jane The Virgin’, And All We Can Think Is ‘We Want More’

Who is this super good-looking guy Britney Spears in pulling the middle finger with! Oh, it’s her Jane the Virgin co-star, Jamie Camil. Back in August, we found out that Brit Brit would be a guest star on the hit show, and now we have a  photo to prove it! The singer took to Twitter and Instagram to tease Jane the Virgin‘s new season. More »

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Amy Schumer And The ‘Saturday Night Live’ Crew Aren’t Afraid To Take On Gun Enthusiasts In This Hilarious Sketch

Amy Schumer hosts 'Saturday Night Live'

I think we can all agree that last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live with host Amy Schumer was possibly one of the best SNL episodes in awhile. Everything seemed to flow, thanks especially to a strong start with Amy’s hilarious standup routine monologue. While pretty much everything was great, there is one sketch people are talking about way more than the others, the PSA-esque commercial titled simply, “Guns.” Things start off nicely, Amy is on a date with Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharaoh are looking at photo albums, Kate McKinnon is on a run, Kyle Mooney is checking out Sasheer Zamata and Vanessa Bayer and Bobby Moynihan are a couple about to have a baby. But then it quickly turns into the type of fake commercial SNL is famous for.  More »

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‘Aladdin’ Is Finally Coming Out On Blu-Ray, So Let’s Celebrate With The Original Cast And Some Hilarious Bloopers


It’s just been a fantastic Aladdin week, hasn’t it? First we had the Honest Trailer (watch it, it’s hilarious) and now it’s time to take a trip down memory lane with one of the greatest Disney movies of all time. Since Aladdin is coming to Blu-ray on October 13th, Disney has been busy making sure we all remember how great the movie is. Umm, Disney, it’s not that hard. Everyone knows how great it is! Still, it has been pretty fun. Especially when Good Morning America got Aladdin and Jasmine’s original singing voices, Brad Kane and Lea Salonga, together to sing “A Whole New World” with accompaniment from Alan MenkenMore »

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Happy Friday! Here’s A Video Of A Unicorn Pooping Rainbow Ice Cream Cones

The Squatty Potty
Your poop can be like this unicorns

I know it’s been kind of video heavy on the site today, but also like, it’s a video of a unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream–all meant to help you poop better. Of course I’m going to post it! If you’ve never heard of the product Squatty Potty, allow me to explain: basically it’s a stool that you put your feet on while pooping that makes pooping easier. It’s easier for our bodies to release everything when we’re in a squatting position, and since most modern toilets are all about sitting, this helps fix that. You’ll poop so well that it’ll be “a smooth stream of froyo that slides like a virgin swan.” It also helps that all of this is being explained by a hot dude with a British accent (and a ridiculous wig). Happy Friday everyone, and may you have nothing but good poops. Oh! And make sure you watch till the end.