Kelly Osbourne Pays Tribute To The Late Joan Rivers With A New Tattoo

A couple of days ago we learned that Zelda Williams got herself a new tattoo in honor of her late father Robin Williams and today we learn that Kelly Osbourne has also gotten a memorial tattoo inked on her body as well. Kelly decided to memorialize her late friend Joan Rivers with a very pretty white tattoo on her shoulder. Click below to see this new tattoo and read the sentiment behind the tribute as shared by Kelly on Instagram. More »

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Stephen Hawking Has Joined Facebook

Genius Stephen Hawking launched his official Facebook page earlier this month but it wasn’t until yesterday that he published his first post on his account page. Hawking, as you may know, is the subject of an upcoming biopic film titled The Theory of Everything (starring Eddie Redmayne as Hawking) but before we become enamored of the man’s amazing life story when the film comes out next month, we can hear from the man himself in real time on his Facebook page. Click below to read Stephen Hawking‘s first Facebook posts in full. More »

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The ‘Nightmare’ Before Charli

Last night was very full, very fun night for me. In the early evening, I met up with my friend Eileen for a showing of The Nightmare Before Christmas in 4D at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA and then I met up with my friend Amelia so that we could make our way downtown to The Mayan to see Charli XCX in concert. Both events were crazy fun in very different ways. It had been many years since I’ve seen Nightmare and it’s been 20 years since I’ve seen it in a movie theater … so I had forgotten how really great the movie is. Charli‘s show last night was much bigger than her last show here in LA at the El Rey. I ran into a bunch of friends at the show and we had the best night ever!! More »

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Les News, 102514

  • Zachary Quinto‘s eyebrow game is always on point [Buzzfeed]
  • • Who wants to dress up as Beyoncé for Hallowe’en? [PopSugar]
  • • The newly married Clooneys are getting married again [LaineyGossip]
  • Fifty Shades of Grey reshoots continue [Celebuzz]
  • • Roughhousing on the set of Sons of Anarchy [Socialite Life]
  • Leighton Meester has a new album out [MuuMuse]
  • Iggy Azalea gets in on the SNL promo train [Idolator]
  • Benedict Cumberbatch does his best Beyoncé [GossipCop]
  • • Bye, Felicia [Towleroad]
  • • Hello there, Matthew [Oh La La]
  • Dolly Parton loves her gay fans [Queerty]
  • • Pet Costumes [Ranker]
  • • LOL [Kenneth in the 212]
  • • This UPS driver has driven over 4 million miles and hasn’t had one accident [Newser]
  • Keanu Reeves is bummed out that he doesn’t get more movie offers [Starpulse]
  • Nick Cannon can’t stop talking [Global Grind]
  • Ciara is 29, Katy Perry is 30, Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers is 53, Nancy Cartwright (The Simpsons) is 57 and Marion Ross (Happy Days) is 86 years old. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Britney Spears & Her Crew Ate At Buca Di Beppo’s Yesterday

A couple of days ago we learned the joyous news that November 5, 2014 will be Britney Day in Las Vegas, NV in honor of our dear Britney Spears‘s stature as the greatest living performer on earth. It would appear that Britney and her Britney: Piece of Me crew decided to get down to celebrating a bit early by enjoying a massive meal at their friendly local Buca Di Beppo. Britney posted a group photo of her Buca crew on her official Instagram profile, which you can see below. Have a look and be reminded that our flawless queen is truly flawless. More »

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Anjelica Huston Opens Up About Abuse In Her New Memoir

I recently saw the new NFL ads, with athletes speaking out against domestic violence. It’s an odd thing to see—on the one hand, I liked seeing these men speak up, but I also know that this is a part of a campaign to renew our faith in the organization. Maybe that doesn’t matter; maybe it just matters that people are speaking out. Now we have actress Anjelica Huston opening up about abuse she suffered at the hands of a boyfriend in the 70s. Click inside for more.

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Must Watch: Woman Wakes Up At Dentist’s Upset That She’s Not Nicki Minaj

'And I’m still white!'

The internet is so my favorite place right now. This woman’s husband must have known that his wife was going to wake up at the dentist’s office on some next level stuff, because he started recording, and it is his greatest gift to society (right now). You must watch this whole video. Because the woman starts out bemoaning the fact that she did not wake up looking like Nicki Minaj (I’ve been there), then launches into a bit about Ellen DeGeneres, and I feel like she was just speaking my life.

I’m really upset! … I wanted to look like Nicki Minaj when I woke up… I just wanted to have her butt. And her face… I paid a lot of money. And I’m still white!

I can’t deal. And I hope Nicki uses this on her next song or something. But you have to keep watching though…

Ellen DeGeneres… is generous. That’s literally her name.” And then she starts worrying that she looks like Jay Z, and it’s just amazing. Peep the video for more!


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James Franco And Megan Fox Share A Disturbing Photo From The Set Of ‘Zeroville’

So I was just reading about a new movie starring Megan Fox and James Franco. Zeroville sounds really intriguing—Franco is going to play some creepy, weirdo guy (ahem) living in Hollywood in 1969, and Fox will play his love interest/new obsession. Franco recently shared a photo on Instagram, and I was not prepared. Click inside for more!

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30 Insanely Adorable Celebrity Babies To Ogle

This is an odd thing to post, seeing as how my insanely adorable babies are spending the entire weekend away from me. On Thursday I was ready to get crunk with Crime Mob to celebrate my baby-free weekend, and now it’s Friday and I’m in that odd in-between stage where the kids just left, and my friend (and the wine) isn’t here yet. So I’m sort of about to cry. LMAO! So, before I start Instagram-stalking myself, let’s take a look at some of these celebrity babies. It’s hard/impossible to pick a favorite, but OMG Idris Elba‘s babyyyyy! Peep the gallery for more!

P.S. Kevin Jonas‘ daughter’s closet, FTW.
P.S.S. Shouts-out to PITNBr Iris, who selected so many DILFs for this gallery. For that, we thank her.

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Beyoncé’s Bangs Make A Little More Sense On Instagram

Trent‘s recent piece on Beyoncé‘s new bangs still has me cracking up, a week later. If you missed THIS photo in the gallery, you missed the reason Trent is the GOAT of this celebrity pop culture game. OMG. I can’t. Okay, now here’s the good news. Beyoncé’s bangs are looking slightly less severe in these new Instagram photos. Click inside for more!
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