#ThrowbackThursday Goes ’98: ‘It’s All ABout Me’ And Other Tracks That Made Life So Happy

PITNBr Erica Croce changed. My. Life. Yesterday she sent me a link to The Nostalgia Machine and I haven’t been the same since! So today’s #ThrowbackThursday is dedicated to her… and to anybody else who remembers when Sisqo and Mya collaborated on It’s All About Me and basically changed the world. But before we get started on this week’s collection, can I just say that I’m still in love with our list of Songs That Make You Ugly-Cry from last week? I didn’t get to reply to all of the comments, but I wanted to thank ALL of you for sharing your fave tracks, and for also opening up about your personal connections to some of them. Y’all are the best. Click inside for more!

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‘Orphan Black’ Is Getting Its Own Comic Book Series

Orphan Black has proved to be a big hit with fans (if not Emmy Award voters) and so, to reward those fans, it has been decided that Orphan Black is getting its own comic book series. Set for release in early 2015, this new comic book series will tell “all-new stories” from the world of Orphan Black. So, not only will we have a third season to look forward to next year but we also have this new comic book series to look forward to as well. Uhhhh. Yeah, this only sounds like THE best idea in the world. More »

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Anne Rice Reveals The Book Covers For The US & UK Versions Of ‘Prince Lestat’

Back in March, author Anne Rice announced the resumption of her book series The Vampire Chronicles with the forthcoming release of her new novel Prince Lestat. Today we get our first look at the book covers for the US and UK versions of the book, due out in October. Fans of Rice‘s Vampire Chronicles (like ME!) are chomping at the bit to get their hands on this new Lestat book so this look at the book covers should be a nice treat. More »

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First Listen: Hilary Duff Teases Her NEW Single ‘Chasing The Sun’

Back in March we learned that Hilary Duff scored a new record deal to put out new music after she teased us for the past year that she was working on new stuff. Today we get our first listen of Hilary‘s new single Chasing The Sun. Hil. D posted the CUTEST video on Instagram that both teases her new single AND shows us how much fun she is. Click below to hear a snippet of Chasing The Sun and learn more about Hilary‘s new music to come. More »

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Listen: Madonna Recorded A New Sample Of ‘La Isla Bonita’ For Diplo


Last month we learned that Madonna got drunk on rosé while chillin’ with Diplo in his studio and today we learn that the pair are pretty much BFFs now. Earlier this year, Madonna revealed that she has been working with Diplo (aka Major Lazer) on new music for her new album … confirmed by Diplo himself who revealed that they recorded a song titled Bitch, I’m Madonna. Today we get to see video of Diplo showing off a new sample of La Isla Bonita that Madonna recorded for him personally. Click the embed above to hear the personalized sample of La Isla Bonita that Maddy recorded for Dippy and try not to seethe with jealousy over their new BFFship.

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Zach Snyder Shares A Photo Of Henry Cavill’s Superman Dressed As A Jedi From ‘Star Wars’

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder posted a photo on Twitter last night that is so curiously weird that I has to be shared far and wide. Ahead of the Warner Bros. panel at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, Snyder shared a photo that shows Henry Cavill‘s Superman character dressed up as a jedi from Star Wars. TECHNICALLY, not to get all geeky, the fact that he’s wearing a black robe and is wielding a red lightsaber, means that he’s more likely a sith (eg. a bad jedi) but that’s beside the point. What in the world could a Superman/Star Wars mash-up photo mean? More »

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North West Is Walking Now

North West, the only begotten child of Kanye West and his wife, is walking! North‘s mother shared this news with her followers on Instagram along with a really cute photo of the little doll all wrapped up in a bright yellow blanket. According to her mother’s photo caption, North took her first steps after she completed a week-long swimming class. I’d say that Nori is doing quite well for a 1 year old, wouldn’t you? More »

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An Evening With Tori Amos & Tash

Sarah and Mark’s first full day here in LA was a great one! The two of them met up with Adriana for a day at the beach and then we all convened at my place to get ready for a fun night ahead. We enjoyed a great dinner at Mess Hall in Los Feliz before Sarah and I made our way to the Greek Theater to see Tori Amos in concert. Aide and Mark spent the evening at the Griffith Observatory. Afterward, we all met up at the Red Lion Tavern in Silverlake for a nightcap … and then we went across the street to the Cha Cha Lounge for a photobooth shoot. We like fun! More »

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Watch: ‘Entertainment Tonight’ Takes Us On The Set Of The ‘Whitney Houston’ Biopic

Behind the Scenes

Entertainment Tonight aired a special behind the scenes feature of their visit to the set of the Whitney Houston biopic that is currently in production for Lifetime. In this MUST SEE clip, Angela Bassett responds very professionally and kindly to Bobbi Kristina‘s disgusting attacks on her over not being cast to play her mother in the film. Yaya DaCosta talks a bit about how it feels to play Whitney in this movie. Deborah Cox shows off her immense talents as the singing voice of Whitney in this movie. This behind the scenes set visit shows gives us an early look at how the Whitney Houston biopic is coming together so if you’re as excited as I am for the release of this movie, then TRUST me … this is a video you’re gonna wanna watch in full.

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